Model MBBR - MBR - Compact Reactors

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Model MBBR - MBR - Compact Reactors

For applications where highest quality effluent is required, like effluent to streams, lakes, rivers, or as pretreatment  to RO systems for making drinking water. In such requirements, EEC recommends tertiary treatment with ultrafiltration or membranes. Although we call these 'Package Plants' they are all customized to meet stringent effluent requirements or to clients exact specifications.

EEC's package units for tertiary treatment (Ultra-Filtration) installed after the biological treatment and clarification stage, or as units combining biological and ultrafiltration treatment known as MBR technology. The EEC package plants  are fully automatic and incorporate their control for complete independence from other works.
EEC DELIVERING SOLUTIONS TODAY FOR TOMORROWS WASTEWATER. EEC Global Operation LLC specialize in the design, manufacture and supply of IFAS/MBBR Bio Systems, and equipment which is used in the treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater (including water reuse) as well as innovative package plants with a very small footprint. EEC' advanced technology products include membranes, as well as screening, sedimentation, ultra filtration, water clarification, and Sludge treatment equipment, plus complete headworks as containerised units, that are recognised for both performance and whole life costs. EEC provide well established cutting edge technologies serving a global customer base, EEC are one of a few companies, equally experienced and able to offer a full range of products and solutions for both markets that enhance plant performance and improve the environment, whilst reducing clients capital and operating costs.
Τhe “EEC MBBR-MBR” systems offer a novel and dependable solution to wastewater treatment, recovery and reuse when a non-potable water quality is required, e.g. for field irrigation, industrial use, wash-water, flush water, aquifer recharge etc. The prefabricated compact systems are completely autonomous and provide a very high level of treatment (biological treatment + ultrafiltration + disinfection). These systems combine together the recent MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) and sMBR (submerged Membrane Bio-Reactor) innovative technologies.
The EEC MBBR-MBR system utilizes flat sheet ultrafiltration (UF) membranes with a mean pore size of 0.05 μm. The membranes are supplied by a renowned manufacturer and can produce high flux rates without suffering from severe fouling. EEC offers a number of standard models ranging from 30 to 300 m3/day. These models are divided into two basic series, the MBBR-MBR-3 series for high-rate biodegradation without total nitrogen removal, and the MBBR-MBR-4/5 series for extensive organic carbon removal along with complete nitrification/denitrification.
We offer complete design
  • Fine screening
  • Screening washing & compacting
  • Aerated grit separation
  • Grit removal, washing & dewatering
  • Oil & grease separation
  • Biological Treatment MBBR
  • Nitrification de-nitrification
  • Tertiary treatment - VPMF or MBR
  • Sludge management & dewatering.
EEC MBBR - MBR package plants for wastewater are compact, meet stringent consent standards, low capital cost, low operational cost, delivered inside standard ISO containers, modular, skid mounted ready to be operated, easy start-up, handles shock loading, ammonia and nutrient removal, easy to install, easy to move around and expand.
EEC Global Operation LLC
EEC Global Operation LLC
177 Riverside Drive Unite F
Newport Beach ,  92663 CA


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