Emulsified Zero-Valent Iron (EZVI) - In-Situ DNAPL Remediation

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Emulsified Zero-Valent Iron (EZVI) - In-Situ DNAPL Remediation

EZVI is an emulsion of powdered zero-valent iron, surfactant, oil, and water that reductively dehalogenates halogenated hydrocarbons (e.g. PCE, TCE, CFC, VC). Because EZVI uses an emulsion to deliver reactive iron, it has the ability to mix with DNAPLs present in the subsurface environment. Thus, EZVI is a 'source area remediation' technology.

  • Developed/patented by NASA
  • Field-tested by the U.S. EPA under the SITE Program
  • Primarily used for in-situ DNAPL source area destruction
  • Typical source concentration decrease ~90+% within 3 months
  • Surfactant-stabilized water-in-oil emulsion with zero-valent iron particles
  • Hydrophobic, dense emulsion absorbs DNAPL, delivering contaminant to iron
  • In-situ chemical reduction of chlorinated solvent to ethene and water
  • Injection or soil mixing using conventional technologies
  • Does not promote mobilization of DNAPL
  • Available in both bulk quantities (delivery via tanker truck ~5000 gallons) or in smaller volumes (250 gallon totes)
  • TEA is the largest custom manufacturer/supplier of EZVI, providing reactive, stable emulsions since 2005
TEA, Inc.
TEA, Inc.
10636 Linkwood Court
Baton Rouge ,  Louisiana 70810


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