Model FA_II - Gas Flare

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Model FA_II - Gas Flare

The operation of biogas or sewage treatment plants may necessitate the safe combustion of excess gas (e.g. start-up phase, repairs or severe consumer damages). The EnvironTec gas flare FAII series provides the operator with an automatically controlled, safe and low-emission gas flare. The robust and functional design of the FAII primarily ensures a long service life, low maintenance and constant availability.

Flare operation is fully automated, i.e., on receipt of the start or stop signal the controller (Siemens PLC) automatically opens the relevant fittings and simultaneously initiates the ignition sequence. The flame is continually monitored by a UV sensor. The current standby/operating status is indicated by control lamps on the switch cabinet and reported to the central controller.

The FAII is fitted with a plastic switch cabinet (IP54) with integrated Siemens PLC as standard. Alternatively, an automatic burner control system can be employed. Gas combustion is via a diffusion burner as standard, however, an injection burner can also be fitted, if required. If desired, the FAII flare can be equipped with additional accessories such as pressure control, pilot burner system, electrically heated fittings or temperature monitoring.

EnvironTec FAII biogas flares are entirely made from stainless steel and fitted with high quality components / fittings.

  • Outstanding value proposal
  • Low noise & low emissions pursuant to ta-air
  • Concealed combustion
  • Fully automatic control, flame monitoring and ignition mechanism
  • Certified fittings
  • Incl. deflagration protection to atex
  • Wide operating range (percent load)
  • Entirely made from stainless steel
  • Various accessories available on enquiry
  • Made in Austria

Applications And Specifications

  • Fully automated gas flare operation for the combustion of biogas and other combustible gases pursuant to ta-air A2
  • Safe and quiet combustion
  • Pilot burner system, pressure control, fitting line trace heating, injection burner on customer request
  • Switch cabinet available in stainless steel (Plastic IP54 as standard), incl. flare status display on request
Bilgeri EnvironTec GmbH
Bilgeri EnvironTec GmbH
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Fussach , Vorarlberg; 6972



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