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FluidCheK - X-ray Inspection System

The FluidCheK x-ray system is specially designed to meet the needs of manufacturers and packers of beverages and other liquids. It inspects the base area of glass bottles and jars, metal cans and plastic bottles containing fluids, ensuring product safety on high speed production lines.

Increased Sensitivity
High density contaminants in fluids will always fall to the bottom of a container; hence the FluidCheK x-ray system focuses inspection only on the base area. This allows improved x-ray imaging and results in optimised detection levels.

Unsurpassed Detection
The FluidCheK inspects down through the base of the container at an angle, making the internal raised base appear flat. Traditional “detection blind spots” caused by the raised base are therefore removed, ensuring no hidden contaminants and only outstanding probability of detection in fluids.

The FluidCheK is a functionally rich x-ray system featuring e.g.:

Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc
Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc
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