Gens Nano® C382

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Gens Nano® C382
UV Response Nano TiO2 Sol Coating Agent. Water-based nano TiO2 sol. UV response. Low application cost. Improved binding strength. No additive and surfactant, suitable for re-processing.

Example of application

  • exterior UV/PCO coating for atmosphere purification
  • economical exterior anti-moss & self-cleaning coating
  • UV/PCO filter & part coating (especial for deodorization)
  • raw material or additive for other commercial PCO product

Usage instructions

  • recommend air mix pressure spraying
  • brush for rough surface
  • dipping for irregular items
  • mix with binder or other modified active matter

Chemical description

  • nano titanium dioxide sol

Dosage instruction

  • refer to relevant coverage data sheet or product manual

Green Earth Nano Science Inc.
Green Earth Nano Science Inc.
181 University Ave., Suite 2200
Toronto ,  Ontario M5H-3M7


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