GREENBOX Thermal Management System

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GREENBOX Thermal Management System

GREENBOX Thermal Management System, fueled by Entropy Solutions' patented PureTemp phase change materials, has revolutionized the way temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, blood products and biologics are shipped worldwide. This innovative temperature-controlled shipping system is capable of maintaining narrow temperature ranges for unprecedented durations of time — up to 120+ hours or five days, regardless of external environmental conditions. GREENBOX's positive impact on everything from simple logistics to the global environment has been staggering. Not only can important medical supplies now be shipped via ground transport any day of the week, but it also allows companies to ship larger payloads and results in up to 65 percent reduction in distribution-related expenses. GREENBOX is the first 100% environment-friendly, reusable shipping solution of its kind with the potential to keep millions of tons of EPS and PU out of landfills. And by partnering with an international relief organization, GREENBOX will deliver vaccines to the 3 million children who would otherwise die each year from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Entropy Solutions Inc.
Entropy Solutions Inc.
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Minneapolis ,  55344 Minnesota


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