- Model EC 350 - Electrical Conductivity Sensor

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Stevens Greenspan - Model EC 350 - Electrical Conductivity Sensor

The Greenspan Electrical Conductivity Sensors provide highly accurate conductivity measurements in a wide range of hydrological applications. Exceptional reliability and chemical resistance are guaranteed by a state of the art toroidal measuring system. Advanced microprocessor technology provides highly accurate temperature compensated measurements.

Sensor Output:

  • EC 250: 4-20mA
  • EC 350: RS 232 (also includes internal data logging)
  • EC 1200: SDI-12 serial

Sensor Features:

  • Range of up to 70,000uS
  • +/- 0.2% FS linearity
  • Normalized accuracy of +/- 1% FS
  • 10 - 14V supply voltage

Log accurate electrical conductivity measurements cost-effectively with Stevens-Greenspan’s intelligent EC sensor

Stevens-Greenspan’s Intelligent Electrical Conductivity Sensor model EC350 is a complete, self-contained electrical conductivity measurement and data logging system. The EC350 adds sophisticated and versatile data acquisition, control and communications capabilities to Stevens-Greenspan’s standard EC250 Electrical Conductivity Sensor. Standard features of the EC350 include:

  • Storage of measured data within the sensor for long periods.
  • Easy configuration of logging parameters and uploading of logged data.
  • Automatic transfer of data to a central office simply by attaching a data modem and mobile phone.
  • Improved linearity and accuracy through the use of microprocessor based compensation.
  • Facility to set alarm conditions which can trigger additional measuring equipment.
  • Lithium battery pack option for fully self-contained operation.

The added features of the EC350 are accommodated within the same compact sensor body used for the EC250. A separate data logger and weatherproof housing are not required, eliminating the added deployment costs normally associated with providing a remote data logging capability.

Sophisticated communication features in the EC350 make remote site logging of electrical conductivity easier than ever. In combination with an external data modem and mobile phone, the EC350 enables remote uploading of logged data and re-programming of logging schedules. In addition the EC350 can respond to user-programmed alarm conditions by triggering an associated sensor or by calling one of four preset phone numbers with a user-programmed alarm message.


The EC350 can be powered using either external batteries (via the sensor cable) or with Stevens-Greenspan’s optional lithium battery pack, which can be fitted as an extension to the sensor body, making a fully self-contained measurement and logging system.

The EC350 can be supplied with a built-in pressure sensor to provide a complete river level and conductivity data logger in one sophisticated and elegant package.

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