- Gross Pollutant Collection Trap

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EEE - Gross Pollutant Collection Trap

The most economical solution for the removal of floating debris and silts from stormwater run-off is the Fox Gross Pollutant Collection Trap (GPCT). The GPCT will replace a conventional stormwater catch pit and will protect the environment from pollutants such as plastic bags, trash and cigarette butts by treating the run-off at the source.


Multiple units are installed over the site to ensure that effective cover is provided for the site. As these units are replacing a conventional pit they offer a major cost saving by eliminating the IN-line interceptors required by locatl authorities as part of their water management plan.

A Gross Pollutant Collection Trap (GPCT & GPCTFB) unit will protect the environment from pollution in the stormwater run-off from open areas such as industrial unit developments and hard paved areas where trash and other debris cannot be controlled.

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