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Husky - Ground Covers

Husky® Ground Covers are designed to spread on the ground before you set up one of our tanks or berms. They protect the bottom of the tank or berm from all types of terrain. Our 10 oz. material is unmatched and is NFPA 701 certified fire resistant. Also the base fabric or “scrim” has a “Rip Stop” quality that eliminates tearing. Other Husky® materials, 14 oz., 18 oz., 22 oz. and 30 oz. are all fire resistant with a rip stop scrim. Call for samples today!

  • Triple reinforced hem
  • Double stitched hem
  • #4 solid brass grommets in each corner
  • “Rip Stop” base fabric
  • NFPA 701 certified
  • High UV resistance
  • Special labeling available
  • These covers last!



  • 10 oz., 14 oz., 18 oz., 22 oz., 30 oz.
  • Red, yellow, blue, orange, black, green, gray
  • 30 oz. not available in green or gray


Husky® Portable Containment is no longer offering Hypalon as a Ground Cover material option. However, Husky® has designed a new material that is competitively priced to the original Hypalon and offers similar qualities. Call today for samples!

Ground Covers for Berms and Bladder Tanks


Husky® ground covers or underlayments for our Containment Berms and Bladder Tanks are available in several different materials, from a lightweight economical 16 mil. pvc up to a 270 mil. geocomposite. We have non-woven geotextiles to offer as well. Whatever suits your application best, we can supply. All Husky® ground covers measure at least two feet bigger in length and width than the footprint of the product it will be sold for.

  • Husky®'s heavy-duty non-woven geotextile Ground Cover material.
  • PVCs – 16 mil., 20 mil., 26 mil., 32 mil.
  • Urethanes – 38 mil., 42 mil., 50 mil.
  • Geotextiles – 8 oz., 16 oz.
  • Geocomposites – 200 mil., 270 mil.
Husky® Portable Containment
Husky® Portable Containment
397202 West 1400 Road
Dewey ,  Oklahoma 74029

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