- Stainless Steel Sleeves For Structural Repair Of Sewers From 4” (100mm) To 54” (1500mm)

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GroutingSleeve - Stainless Steel Sleeves For Structural Repair Of Sewers From 4” (100mm) To 54” (1500mm)

For Structural Repair with No Infiltration. Pipe Ø 6 inch-54 inch. If during routine inspection damaged pipe is discovered, it can take as little as 20 minutes for an experienced installer to have the damaged sewer repaired using Link-Pipe GROUTING SLEEVE.


It greatly speeds up the repair process if a few boxes of sleeves are stored on the CCTV truck.

CCTV, a small compressor and 2 to 3 men can complete such an emergency repair.


Technical Information

The Use of Grouting Sleeve

  • Structural Repairs: Longitudinal cracks  circumferential cracks multiple cracks broken pipes holes laterals before CIPP relining avoiding service lateral closing
  • Reinstates: Partially collapsed pipes totally collapsed or missing pipe separated, misaligned  and offset joints
  • Retards: Root growth (Specify at time of ordering)
  • Seals: Ex-filtrating of gravity flow pipes abandoned services

Grouting Sleeve Special Features:

  • Repair features a finished  stainless steel patch in the sewer pipe
  • The sleeve carries its own required sealant
  • The installation is safe in cracked Vitrified Clay and other fragile pipes if installed as directed by the Manufacturer

Structural Strength:

Grouting Sleeve
is structurally designed to carry 5psi. (33kPa) external hydraulic pressure with a minimum Factor of Safety of 2.5.  The design follows AWWA M11 standard for Flexible Tunnel Liners.

Stainless steel core provides the sleeve with the essential strength needed to support a damaged pipe.

WRc assessed the performance, the strength and effectiveness of the Link-Pipe GROUTING SLEEVE™sewer repair system by conducting loading tests on soil-embedded sleeves.


Structural Core: The material is SST-316 or a higher alloy for domestic sewers. For salt water pipes and tropical climate, higher stainless steel alloys are recommended.

The Stainless steel used meets ASTM Testing standards A267 & A240.


Grout: The Grout is tested and meets ASTM D-1010, D-1638, D-3574, D-412 & D-1042 standards.

The Grout expands and penetrates through the cracks into backfill, and the SLEEVE creates a complete restoration of the damaged pipe lasting at least 100 years.

Chemical Resistance:

  • Grouting Sleeve resists a wide range of aggressive chemicals including H2SO4, HCL and seawater. (Chemical resistance tables are available on request)

Quality Control:

  • Manufacturing follows iso 9001-2008 certified Quality Control procedures.
  • Written Quality Control standards required for installation are contained in each sleeve shipping container.
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