Grundfos BioBooster

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Grundfos BioBooster
We have gone behind traditional wastewater treatment in selected industries discharging high levels of organics to fully understand the complexities of these industries. And emerged with a groundbreaking solution to industrial wastewater treatment, where modularity, compactness and efficiency combine. It is Grundfos BioBooster's mission to provide the most compact, modular and innovative biological wastewater treatment concept to the process industry, thereby contributing to cleaner water to the world and higher global and social responsibility.

What is BioBooster?

Innovative industrial wastewater treatment

  • World's most compact biological wastewater treatment solution
  • Building on innovative patented technology
  • Combining modularity, compactness and efficiency
  • Mechanical and biological treatment in one integrated system
  • Reactor-enclosed and odour-free process
  • Higher organic removal rates than any other biological process

Fully developed, off-the-shelf product

  • Pre-engineered components
  • Flexible and modular set-up
  • Minimum design and installation work on site
  • Installation in containers instead of big open tanks

Smaller than you can imagine
We know that space requirements are crucial to your business. That is why we develop very compact containerised solutions that can fit into whatever space you may have available - even on the first floor of your factory building.

More future-proof than you think possible
Changes in your production or environmental requirements call for changing wastewater treatment needs. A BioBooster solution comprises technologies with a high level of modularity and flexibility. Therefore, it can be customised and scaled to your exact needs now and in the future.

Faster than the rest
Offering a containerised, off-the-shelf product means that BioBooster can go from idea to realisation in just a few months. In case of relocation or resale, BioBooster is easily transported to its new location on an ordinary truck.

Easier than you think
At BioBooster we only develop wastewater solutions for specific industries. This dedicated approach, combined with our expert-manned remote monitoring service, means that a BioBooster solution offers high reliability, trouble-free operation - and maybe more importantly, it requires hardly any involvement from you.

Grundfos Pumps Corporation
Grundfos Pumps Corporation
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Pumping solutions for water treatment industry

Water treatment comes in many shapes and forms – and at Grundfos we are able to expertly cover them all with an extensive range of dedicated pumps. Whether you are looking to treat an aggressive media like seawater or to make water ultra pure (WFI), we will provide you with a highly reliable solution that may even filter through to the economy because it allows you to efficiently reuse water.



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