- B-211/212/213 - Twin Compact pH meter

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HORIBA - B-211/212/213 - Twin Compact pH meter

Incorporate the world's first flat sensors, these compact pH meters are able to take accurate pH value (acidity - alkalinity) measurements from a single drop sample. The unique flat sensor allow measurements of powder and solid object samples be easily taken. The Twin pH meters can be used to measure the pH value of a wide variety of items including tropical fish tank water, river water, drainage treatment solutions, hair, cloth, food, soil, and rainwater. Three models are available; the B-211, with one-point automatic calibration, and the B-212/B-213 model, with two-point automatic calibration. *B-211/B-212:for non-U.S. market, B-213 for U.S. market only


  • Compact models incorporate in-house-developed flat sensors that give highly precise measurements.
  • Micro volume measurements possible from a single drop (0.1ml to few micro) sample solution
  • Light, easy-to-clean, and waterproof Twin pH meters are suitable for a wide range of measuring applications.
  • A simple, efficient scoop function eliminates the need for pipettes and beakers in taking samples.
  • Revolutionary sheet measurements pave the way for the application of pH measurements in new fields.
  • A sensor guard protects the delicate electrode.

The rugged new Twin pH meter speeds and simplifies your pH measurements. Put a few drops of sample on the flat sensor, immerse the sensor in your sample or scoop up a bit with the spoon shaped sample well. And don't worry about splashing: it's waterproof! The new, dual action sensor guard protects the electrode and captures samples from buckets, lakes streams or running water. The flat sensor allows measurement of small samples, pastes, powders or solids while Autocal simplifies measurement and promotes accuracy. This compact pH meter is perfect for lab, plant or field!.


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