- C-121 - Compact Salt Meter

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HORIBA - C-121 - Compact Salt Meter

Incorporating the world's first flat sensor, the Cardy C-121 salinity meter is capable of making accurate measurements of sodium ion concentration from a single-drop sample. This meter employs a selective sodium ion electrode that is unaffected by pH and the presence of other ions, enabling the accurate measurement of sodium ion concentrations. At the touch of a button, the meter's microprocessor converts this information to give a measurement of salt concentration (NaCl%). Accurate salinity measurements can be easily taken anywhere using this ultrathin, lightweight, pocket-sized meter.


  • Accurate measurements of sodium concentrations are obtained simply by placing a sample on the meter's flat sensor.
  • Micro volume measurements possible from a single drop (0.1ml to few micro) sample solution
  • A microcomputer performs conversion calculations based on ion concentrations to give precise salt (NaCl%) concentration measurements.
  • As the sensor is unaffected by the pH of a sample, the need to adjust for pH is eliminated.
  • In addition to concentrations in liquid samples, those in solid and semi-solid samples can be easily measured.
  • Ultra thin and lightweight, the Cardy-121 can be easily carried.

The ultra-slim, credit card size CARDY salt meter is compact and light enough to slip into your shirt pocket yet gives outstanding repeatability in sodium ion measurement. It needs no pH adjustment and is so simple to use you won't believe it. Just drop a tiny 0.1ml of sample onto the flat sensor pad and you get accurate salt content data. Every food processor, medical technician or health professional should have a CARDY. Pop a CARDY in your pocket today

Direct, accurate sodium ion measurement
Forget pH adjustment and fiddly conversion. The outstanding selectivity of the flat sodium ion electrode in the CARDY Salt Meter means accurate measurement regardless of pH and other ions. The meter also features automatic temperature compensation and an integral microchip that converts sodium ion concentration to salt content (wt% NaCl).

Flat sensor gives easy measurement from tiny samples
No more containers or messy probes to contend with. Measurement is a simple matter of placing a minute sample directly on the flat sensor pad. All you need is a drop or two (0.1-0.15ml) of liquid samples. Solids and powders can be measured, too. (just grind up finely and dilute to a 10:1 solution with pure water.)* What's more, if you ever need the sensor cartridge snaps in and out of the instrument at a touch for quick and easy replacement.

The ultra-slim, ultra-light, shirtpocket portability
The size and weight of a cassette tape, CARDY meters slip neatly into your shirt pocket. This is THE portable instrument for simple, accurate salt content measurement wherever and whenever it is needed. The correlation with flame photometry is shown below.


Principle: Sodium ion electrode method
Measurement range:
0.1-10% NaCl (w/w)
Display range: 0-25% NaCl (w/w)
Resolution: 0.01% for 0-0.99%
0.1% for 1.0-9.9%
1% for 10-25%
Calibration: 2-point calibration by
STD/SLOPE volumes using standard
calibration solutions
Sample temperature: 5-35°C/41-95°F
Power: CR-2025 lithium cells (×2),
approx. 500 hrs continuous operation
Weight: Approx. 40g, 1.4 oz
95 × 55 × 9mm, 3.7 × 2.2 × 0.35 in

HORIBA Europe GmbH
HORIBA Europe GmbH
Julius Kronenbergstrasse 9
Leichlingen 42799


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