- C-131 - Compact Potassium Ion Meter

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HORIBA - C-131 - Compact Potassium Ion Meter

With the C-131, potassium ion concentration measurement is as simple as placing a tiny sample on the meter's flat sensor. Micro volume measurements possible from a single drop (0.1ml to few micro) sample solution. This lightweight, pocket-sized meter is suitable for research and industrial applications in diverse fields and is particularly convenient for measuring potassium concentrations in soil samples and in solutions used in hydroponic agriculture.


  • The measurement process simply involves placing the sample on the meter's flat sensor. Micro volume measurements possible from a single drop (0.1ml to few micro) sample solution.
  • Automatic range switching gives a wide display range and facilitates highly precise measurements.
  • The meter employs a highly selective flat ion electrode. As it is unreceptive to other ions, the electrode takes highly accurate measurements of potassium ion concentrations.
  • Ultrathin and lightweight, the meter can be easily carried to any location for on-site testing.

Anatomy of a Breakthrough

The Foundation : Over 35 years of careful, painstaking research, development and craftsmanship.

The Technologies : A careful integration of recent advances in microprocessor, miniature electronic and ion selective electrode designs.

The Result : A completely new concept in sample measurement; self-contained digital meters and the size of a shirt pocket sized calculator that deliver high quality answers, on the spot, for instant assessment and quick decisions with a minimum of effort.

These additions to the Horiba line of shirtpocket meters measure sodium (Na+), Potassium (K+) and Nitrate (NO3-) with superb selectivity and ease. They use the same flat surface design for the sensing element found in the Cardy pH and Salt meters. Results are read real-time in direct concentration terms, so you can forget fiddly conversion tables and calculations.

Revolutionary flat sensor adds convenience
The flat sensor built into Cardy's replaceable module makes the measurement in small samples and solids much more convenient. The recess acts as its own sample vessel, often eliminating beakers and bottles altogether. What's more, if replacement is ever needed, the sensor cartridge snaps in and out of the instrument at a touch.

Integrated design couples economy with quality
A whole Cardy system -meter, sensor and standards -costs much less than most ion-selective electrodes. The replacement sensors are many times less expensive. You even economize on samples and solutions since you need only a few drops to make the measurement. Cardy meters are high quality, low upkeep measuring instruments.

Ultra-slim, ultra light shirtpocket portability enhances convenience
The size and weight of cassette tapes, Cardy meters slip neatly into your shirt pocket. They are the portable instruments for simple, quick measurements wherever and whenever needed.

Automatic range switching affords broad measurement range
All three Cardy ion meters have a total display range of 0 - 99 ×100 ppm in three automatically switched ranges: the ×1 range, the ×10 range (100 to 990 ppm) and ×100 range (1,000 to 9,900 ppm). This gives the meters a broad display range and makes it easy to get precise results across measurement ranges of 23 - 2,300 ppm Na+, 39 - 3,900 ppm K+ and 62 - 6,200 ppm NO3-.

Newly developed ion selective electrodes improve durability
New high molecular weight polymers are longer lasting and more resistant to contamination, giving you more troublefree service and saving money on replacements.


  • Measurement method: Potassium ion electrode
  • Measurement range: 339~3,900ppm(10-3~10-1mol/L)
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