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300W stepdown regulator voltage or current source for DC-motor drives, halogen and LED light with cable compensation.

  • 300W power, 3A @ 100VDC output
  • 110VDC main power input +/-15VDC auxiliary power input


  • short circuit protection
  • heat sink temperature monitoring with thermal shutdown
  • current limiting
  • auxiliary power failure shutdown
  • protection against voltage feedback from DCmotor drives

Operation modes

  • bipolar or unipolar voltage source with current limiting and negative impedance for cable
  • bipolar or unipolar current source with constant voltage
  • constant voltage or current mode with on board potis
  • variable voltage or current mode with buscontrol
  • variable voltage or current mode with piggyback controller


  • analog controller HPS10048-ACTRL board for mono- or bipolar voltage source operation with one potentiometer as input control with power on failsafe feature
  • digital controller HPS10048-DCTRL for all operation modes with control of all parameters
    over RS485 interface

PS Hard- & Software GmbH
PS Hard- & Software GmbH
Alpgaustrasse 24
Oberstdorf 87561

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