- Turbine Governor and Oil Pressure System

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Hydrotrol - Turbine Governor and Oil Pressure System

HYDROTROL 1x is Rainpower series of electronic turbine governors for all types of hydroelectric turbines. The technology in HYDROTROL 1x is based on more than 40 years of experience with electronic turbine governors and 25 years of experience in design and operation of digital governors.


HYDROTROL 1x is available in three main designs:

  • HYDROTROL 1xK (for Kaplan turbine)
  • HYDROTROL 1xF (for Francis turbine)
  • HYDROTROL 1xP (for Pelton turbine)

The letter x in the model designation indicates that PLC is included. HYDROTROL 10 is without PLC.

HYDROTROL 1x is a very flexible governor which is prepared for all types of plant-specific adaptations. A certain range of additional functions may be offered:

  • redundant design (spare channel)
  • automatic needle control for Pelton turbine
  • generator synchronization function
  • separate speed monitoring with one or two channels
  • serial communication
  • 5.6 'monochrome or 10.4' color control panel with graphical touch screen.Rainpower Governor Oil Pressure System

HYDROTROL 10 is a standard governor with a complete set of functions for all turbine types. All plant applications are performed by parameter settings. HYDROTROL 10 may also be supplied with the most standard options. Rainpower supplies complete oil pressure systems and controls for all types of turbines. Oil pressure systems including pump control are compact with easy access for service and maintenance. The oil tank is supplied in stainless steel, thus avoiding need for surface treatment. Hydraulic components are 'off the shelf'. The components are selected based on the need for high reliability, low noise level and limited oil temperature.

Rainpower is also refurbishing hydro power plants with replacement if required.

Rainpower Norway as
Rainpower Norway as
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