In Situ FTIR Reaction Analysis: ReactIR

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In Situ FTIR Reaction Analysis: ReactIR

ReactIR™ is Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) technology for the real-time monitoring of chemical reactions. Suitable for a wide range of chemistries and conditions, ReactIR™ does not require extracted sampling.

A range of probes (the most popular being a diamond ATR probe) and accessories makes monitoring any reaction - under even the most challenging conditions - possible. ReactIR™ is used in the laboratory for organic synthesis, process development and as a Process Analytical Technology (PAT) tool.


ReactIR™ 45m

ReactIR™ 45m is a full featured reaction analysis system for the most demanding applications.  Designed to be flexible to use the full range of Comp™ probe and conduit technologies, the ReactIR™ 45m is the ideal platform for the chemist or chemical engineer faced with the challenge of monitoring reactions across a wide range of temperature and pressure conditions, and is ideal for kinetics and quantitative analysis.  MultiplexIR was designed for the ReactIR™ 45m which doubles productivity by allowing data acquisition from two independent reactions simultaneously using iC IR 4.0 software. For more details, please click here.


DS Series Sampling Technology

The key to success in reaction monitoring is having the correct sampling technology interfaced to your chemistry. The DS Series is the fourth generation Silver Halide (AgX) FiberConduit™ probe technology with a completely redesigned optical interface for easy connectivity to ReactIR™ or MonARC™ systems. The DS Series Sampling Technology is available as a diamond ATR probe with sensors of silicon, zirconia or zinc sulfide available as an alternative to diamond. No alignment is needed as the optics are pre-aligned for optimum performance. The DS AgX FiberConduit™ can connect to either a single or dual-channel interface (MultiplexIR) effectively doubling productivity. Plus, an RTD (temperature sensor) is integrated into the DS Series insertion probe tip allowing real-time recording of temperature data with ReactIR™ spectral data, providing chemists with valuable information for improved qualitative and quantitative analysis. For more details, please click here.

Flow IR™


FlowIR™ is a dedicated Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) instrument for real-time monitoring of continuous flow chemistry. FlowIR™ is extremely small making it possible to place anywhere within the continuous reactor setup. With no special connections required, FlowIR™ can be seamlessly integrated into all flow chemistry synthesis systems, both commercially available and home-built.

ReactIR™ 15


ReactIR™ 15 is the most undemanding Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) ideally suited for general, in situ reaction monitoring and chemistry understanding. Progressive technology and powerful software allow this ReactIR™ to be used effortlessly by any chemist, whether skilled in spectroscopy or not.

ReactIR™ 45P


The transfer of a chemical process from the lab to manufacturing can be a difficult process. Designed to operate in the lab or a classified area, ReactIR™ 45P enables chemists and engineers to develop an understanding of the process in the lab, and use that knowledge to transfer the process to the plant. As the scale increases, chemistry is studied under actual process conditions, providing key information that is used to ensure the increase in scale does not adversely impact critical factors such as yield and product purity.

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