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BGI is the recognized leader in the production of the “EPA Louvered PM10 Inlet”. The BGI MODEL # SSI25 is fabricated exactly to US EPA Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) specifications in terms of Dimensions, Alloy, Heat Treatment and Surface Finish. As required by the regulations it is assembled and verified in the BGI ISO 9000:2008 facility. Only BGI produces a water trap from a solid billet of Aluminum with a high quality glass jar sealed with an “O” ring, not cork which tends to leak. Our strict adherence to EPA’s dimensions means that all of the accessories available for this inlet design will fit without question to all ambient particulate samplers and continuous monitors. EPA published a wind tunnel test article verifying a PM10 size specific cut off diameter of 10μm at 16.67 lpm sample rate.1.

BGI Instruments
BGI Instruments
58 Guinan Street
Waltham ,  MA 0245

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