- R50S - X-ray Inspection Systems

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InspireX - R50S - X-ray Inspection Systems

The InspireX R50S range of single beam x-ray systems are designed to meet the high speed and high coverage needs of the food processing and packaging industries.

Dedicated x-ray systems for a wide range of container sizes
Depending on the largest container size that will run on a production line either the 300 or 400 model of the InspireX R50S x-ray system range can be selected. The x-ray beam geometry is fixed on these two models and any container that fits inside the fixed beam angle can be inspected.

One x-ray system for a wide range of containers
For production lines that process a wide variety of container sizes, Safeline has developed an InspireX R50S x-ray system with an optional Adjustable Focal Distance (AFD). This means a wide range of different size containers can be optimally inspected on the same production line - one machine covers all.

The InspireX R50S is a functionally rich x-ray system featuring e.g.:

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