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Application : Pharmaceutical industry, Pharmacy, oil industry, edible oil industry, chemical industry, water purification, water waste management , fruit juice, starch/glucose/dextrose, liquors/soft drinks, sauces, paintt, dyes & chemicalsKey words : activated carbon, active carbon,, activated carbon powder, activated carbon granules, chemicals ...

CalMedia - GSR Plus

by Calgon Carbon Corporation

14x40 Mesh, granular manganese dioxide filter media used for the removal of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide from water. CalMedia GSR Plus is a granular manganese dioxide filtering media used for reducing iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide from water. Its active surface coating oxidizes and precipitates soluble iron and manganese. Hydrogen ...

Activated Carbons

by Comelt S.r.l

Activated carbon has a basic of a carbonaceus nature having a vast and many-branched porous structure that is capable of entrapping internally molecules of organic compounds. The capacity of carbon to capture and fix within its porous structure the molecules of organic compounds dispersed in a fluid medium (liquid or gaseous) with which the active ...

Activated Carbon

by Global Adsorbents Pvt Ltd.

Activated carbon, also called activated charcoal or activated coal, is a form of carbon that has been processed to make it extremely porous and thus to have a very large surface area available for adsorption or chemical reactions. The word activated in the name is sometimes substituted by active. Due to its high degree of microporosity, just one ...

Activated Carbon

by Samsung C & T

Activated carbon is used in pretreatment to remove chlorine and chloramine from feedwater so they do not damage membrane filters and ion exchange resins.

Calgon Carbon - Model SGL 8x30 - Granular Activated Carbon

by Calgon Carbon Corporation

SGL 8x30 is a granular activated carbon designed to efficiently purify and/or decolorize many aqueous and organic liquids. Its particle size of 8x30 mesh has been selected to give optimum adsorption characteristics and low resistance to flow with liquids of high viscosity.

Activated Carbon Desulfurizers

by Green Activated Carbon Sisters Group

Active carbon desulfurizer is made of coal-based active carbon, it has large specific area and large amount of microspores and transition pores with few large pore, simultaneously it is a modified active carbon also combined with some alkaline metals and the alkali-earth metals.The efficiency of desulfurization of the active carbon has been raised ...

CPG - Model LF 12x40 - Acid Washed Granular Activated Carbon

by Calgon Carbon Corporation

CPG LF is a granular activated carbon with a low acid soluble iron content that is designed for the purification and decolorization of many aqueous and organic liquids. It can be used efficiently in either fixed or moving beds. The particle size of 12 x 40 mesh has been selected to give a high rate of adsorption and low resistance to flow with ...

Green Source - Model HAC01 - Honeycomb activated carbon

by Green Source air purification equipment Co., Ltd

Product description and characteristics:Honeycomb activated carbon is popular in the application for the domain of dealing with air pollution with big specific area, micro pore structure, high adsorptive capacity and strong active appearance. The way of adsorption with honeycomb activated carbon is that waste gas contact with multi-pore active ...

EuroPEK - Active Carbon Filters

by Wavin-Labko Ltd

The EuroPEK CF Activated Carbon Filter of Wavin-Labko Ltd is designed to purify the wastewaters from yards, from other open areas, and the ground waters contaminated with oil, dissolvents or other hydrocarbons. The delay time for wastewaters is two times longer than for rainwaters.The extraction of the impurities from wastewater is based on the ...

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