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CalMedia - GSR Plus

by Calgon Carbon Corporation

14x40 Mesh, granular manganese dioxide filter media used for the removal of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide from water. CalMedia GSR Plus is a granular manganese dioxide filtering media used for reducing iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide from water. Its active surface coating oxidizes and precipitates soluble iron and manganese. Hydrogen ...

Carbon Resources - Model CR-1240A-AW - Activated Carbon

by Watersurplus

12x40 Mesh Acid Washed Activated Carbon - packaged in 2 Cf bags. Weight is 44#'s per bag. 22 lbs. per cubic foot.

PureAir - Model AC-C/AC-X/AC-G - Activated Carbons

by Pure Air Filtration, LLC

Activated carbons are one of the most cost effective methods of gas removal. Many types of activated carbons are available. Activated carbon is used for purifying air and water because it acts as an adsorbent, and can effectively remove particles and organics from water, and odors from air. One of the best materials for reducing risks to human ...

Activated Carbon

by Northern Filter Media

There are many applications for our various grades of carbon including removal or reduction of odors, tastes and dissolved organic chemicals from municipal and industrial water supplies. Activated carbon is a highly effective in the reduction of undesirable tastes and odors associated with chlorinated water supplies. They include point of ...


by Camfil Farr (Camfil AB)

A correct media selection is essential for a successful molecular filter. An extensive range of broad spectrum and specific adsorption media are suitable for most chemicals or groups of chemicals. Media are typically based upon activated carbon or activated alumina, with or without impregnation.

Aerolace Activated Carbon Media

by Allwin Global (Pte) Ltd

Aerolace activated carbon media is a high performance media that is manufactured from an innovative process which aerodynamically blends the carbon granules and bi-component fibers to form a highly homogenous sheet media. Uniquely resin-binder free to maximise carbon granules surface area, Aerolace has higher adsorption efficiency.Highly suitable ...

Activated Carbon & Biological Media

by Environmental Remediation Equipment Inc. (ERE)

Treat Many Contaminants with UltraSorber™ Filtration Media's. Call Our Technical Representatives And See How We Can Help!

Amnite - Model S100 - Organic Waste Digester (With Activated Carbon)

by Cleveland Biotech Ltd

The product contains: Selected, naturally occurring, fast growing Hazard Group 1 micro-organisms with a wide range of metabolic capabilities, surfactants, free enzymes and nutrients and activated carbon, cereal based carrier.

Biocarb Ox - much more than just carbon

by Bioconservacion SA

Biocarb Ox is an enriched air filtration media. It combines premium quality wood-based activated carbon with a proprietary blend of catalytically active inorganic phases. Biocarb Ox is not impregnated.This solution is the ideal H2S abatement mechanism.  It´s extraordinary high H2S removal capacity beats any other control media on the ...

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