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Hi-TScrub - Thermal Oxidizer Scrubber Systems

by Bionomic Industries Inc.     based in Mahwah, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Hi-TScrub Thermal Oxidizer combined systems employ our advanced horizontal or vertical configuration atomized spray and venturi gas quenchers to cool corrosive hot gas streams up to 2,600°F before scrubbing. Cooled gas with acid vapors or particulate is then removed with a Series 5000 Packed Tower or Series 7000 Venturi Scrubber. All units are ...

VersaMAPS - Advanced Multiple Air Pollutant Systems

by BoldEco Environment     based in Skillman, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Single upflow reactor coupled to fabric filter. Multiple upflow reactors coupled to fabric filter. Utilizes standard hydrated lime in recycle mode. Oxidizer reactor removes NOx and oxidizes mercury. Preheat system included to avoid acid gas dew point.

EcoCer - Advanced Catalytic Systems

by BoldEco Environment     based in Skillman, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Low-cost Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Combined with High Temperature (HT) process filtration.

Bedfont - Model NObreath - Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide (FENO) Monitoring System

by Bedfont Scientific Limited     Office in Medford, NEW JERSEY (USA)

A fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FENO) testing monitor. Airway inflammation is a central process in asthma and other lung diseases. Being able to measure this inflammation and monitor the patient’s reaction to medication is regarded as gold standard in the management of respiratory diseases. It is increasingly recognised that the ...

Model 75 TPD - Gasification Module Transportable Systems

by Omega Thermal Technologies, Inc.     based in Mount Laurel, NEW JERSEY (USA)

The OTT Vibratory Hearth (OTTVH) is a departure from the traditional types of gasifier such as the updraft, downdraft, cross draft, fluidized bed and entrained bed. The OTTVH spreads the biomass or organic material on a vibrating deck which is inclined upward toward the discharge end. The material advances as a continuous bed across multiple zones ...

Model 9500 Series - Spray Tower Acid Gas Scrubber

by Bionomic Industries Inc.     based in Mahwah, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Specifically designed to treat acid gas emissions from particulate laden combustion flue gas, the Series 9500 Spray Tower Srubber is an extremely simple acid gas scrubber device capable of over 98% control efficiency. The scrubber consists of a fully open vertical vessel fitted with banks of hydraulic atomized spray nozzles. Nozzles feature an ...

Model SDD - Octane Silicon Drift Detector

by EDAX Inc     based in Mahwah, NEW JERSEY (USA)

EDAX has introduced the new Octane Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) Series for its TEAM™ EDS Analysis Systems on electron microscopes. By incorporating the latest advancements in Silicon Drift Detector technology, the Octane SDD family delivers high-quality EDS data at previously unachievable speeds. Until now, the potential speed advantages of ...

CalorVal - BTU Analyzer

by Control Instruments Corporation     based in Fairfield, NEW JERSEY (USA)

The CalorVal BTU Analyzer continuously measures the heating value (Calorific Value) of gaseous streams of industrial processes. Control Instruments' standalone CalorVal BTU Analyzer optimizes burner efficiencies through measuring and controlling blended gas mixtures. These economical, fully-heated, air aspirator driven assemblies come complete and ...

BELCO - Model EDV - Wet Scrubbing Systems

by Belco Technologies Corporation (BELCO)     based in Parsippany, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Refineries and other industries choose BELCO EDV  Wet Scrubbing to control emissions from critical processes that must ALWAYS be in operation and compliance - 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year for multiple years without ever shutting down.

Iron & Manganese Removal

by Hungerford & Terry, Inc.     based in Clayton, NEW JERSEY (USA)

The Ferrosand Filter Filter Media GreensandPlus from the Inversand Company A proven technology for reliable, cost-effective removal of iron, manganese, and arsenic from groundwater.

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