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Cyro Concentrator AutoSampler

by Wasson-ECE Instrumentation

Wasson-ECE Instrumentation has developed a new cryo-concentrator for your environmental analysis needs. The system includes a built-in 16 position autosampler for sampling from SUMMA canisters and Tedlar bags. The samples are collected on a proprietary trap that is cooled by liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide. The system is ideal for TO14/15 ...

AirmOzone - Cabinet System

by Chromatotec Group

Analysis of the Ozone precursor VOC. Our system airmOzone C2-C12 allows to analyse the VOC thanks : the calibration system with a bottle or permeation tube. a H2 generator. in-built LCD computer with our own operation software VISTACHROM. airmopump sampling. Peltier effect: for cooling. Airmopure : air generator. Applications in the atmosphere ...

AirmoVOC - Model C2C6 - Light Volatil Hydrocarbons Analyzer

by Chromatotec Group

The instrument uses a 6-port valve with a single sorbent trap, and a metallic capillary column. It has a minimum detection level as low as 15 ppt (for 1,3-Butadiene for e.g.) in ambient air, and analyses up to 32 compounds during a single analysis.

Lamouroux - Model OP08 - Automate and Manage Temperature Systems

by Lamouroux S.A.S.

Control and regulation for up to 2 different rooms. User-friendly interface with backlit LCD screen. Internal and external sensors to measure temperature and relative humidity. Only triggers ventilation when the external conditions are favourable (free cooling). Triggers the air conditioning when the external conditions are unfavourable.

INCA - Model 1000 - Modular Designed Analyzer System

by Union Instruments GmbH

INCA is a modular designed analyzer system for multicomponent gas analysis with key application areas in the Biogas and Natural Gas industries. Objective of the INCA concept is to configure complete analyzer systems from standardized assembly groups for sampling, sample preparation, sensorics, control and data handling in order to meet and solve ...

Ecotech - Trace Gas and Isotope FTIR Analyzer

by Ecotech Pty Ltd

Ecotech's latest analyser combines a Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrometer, multi-pass gas sample cell and a high performance detector with sophisticated software for fully automated operation and real-time quantitative analysis of greenhouse gas and isotopes in air or other gas mixtures. It provides high repeatability and excellent ...

Soot-Trak - Real-Time Diesel Soot Mass

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.

The Sierra Instruments Soot-Trak laser measures real-time engine soot particle mass emissions and performs characterization of soot particle particle size, primary particle surface area and number. Soot-Trak provides researchers and engine developers the accurate information they require about particle transport. With measurement accuracy of 5% ...

TRACE - Model AI500 - Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

by Aurora Instruments Ltd.

Current industry demands require that elemental analyses embody higher precision, higher sensitivity, and lower detection limits than ever before. Aurora has built a reputation as an industry leader in atomic absorption spectroscopy. Building on this success, Aurora is pleased to introduce their newest addition to their line of atomic absorption ...

INNOVA - Model 1303 - Multipoint Sampler And Doser

by LumaSense Technologies GmbH

LumaSense offers comprehensive air-exchange analyses and ventilation-efficiency checks are easily performed using the dosing facilities of the Multipoint Sampler and Doser INNOVA 1303. Tracer-gas is delivered through tubing to 'label' the air in up to 6 different locations, each being up to 50 meters away; the amount of tracer-gas delivered is ...

Sherwood - Model 501 - Fluid Bed Dryer

by Sherwood Scientific Ltd

By forcing enough air through a bed of particles, the particle bed may assume a fluid-like state (resembling a boiling liquid). Heating the incoming air and managing air flow rate through the sample, the Model 501 Fluid Bed Dryer provides thorough mixing and maximum contact of solid with moving air.

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