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Photox - Model NP100 - Advanced Indoor Air Purification System

by Zentox Corporation

The Photox NP100 unit destroys microorganisms and many organic compounds in the air according to independent laboratory testing. The Photox air purification system treats indoor air with a proprietary process that utilizes UV light and a unique catalyst.

Airius - Air Purification & Odour Control System

by Airius Europe Ltd

The Airius PHI air purification and odour control system uses UV/HE light producing hydroperoxides, which significantly improves indoor air quality (IAQ) reducing viruses, bacteria, gases, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), mould and odours by over 90% whilst an advanced atmosphere oxidisation technology give indoor environments fresh, clean and ...

CARULITE Catalysts - Overview

by Carus Corporation

Carus Corporation is the manufacturer of a series of manganese based catalysts, called CARULITE® catalysts. These Hopcalite (also searched as Hopkalit) type catalysts are used for breathable air purification, emission air purification, and process air purification.

CARULITE 110-TR catalyst

by Carus Corporation

CARULITE® 110-TR catalyst is used to effectively destroy volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as flexographic and rotogravure solvents, at temperatures considerably lower than those required for precious metal catalysts. Although CARULITE® 110-TR catalyst operates at low temperatures, it has an upper temperature stability limit of 1300º F (704º ...

CARULITE 500 catalyst

by Carus Corporation

CARULITE® 500 catalyst is used to effectively destroy ethylene emissions resulting from sterilization of medical equipment and supplies. The catalyst converts toxic ethylene oxide, at low temperatures, to carbon dioxide and water.

CARULITE 300 catalyst

by Carus Corporation

CARULITE® 300 catalyst is used to effectively destroy carbon monoxide in compressed breathing air, respirators, escape masks, and in cryogenic gas purification.

CARULITE 200 catalyst

by Carus Corporation

CARULITE® 200 catalyst is used to effectively destroy ozone emitted from various off-gas emissions, converting toxic ozone to oxygen.

Waste Air Purification

by Lenzing Technik GmbH

Our service portfolio is characterized by a wide range of different applications from VOC minimization, to the removal of smells and process optimizations. Starting with the analysis of the actual state, through to the erection of turn-key lines and the servicing of these.

Gas Purification And Liquefaction Units

by Air Liquide

Air Liquide designs, owns and operates each gas purification technologies and therefore can optimize overall processing unit design. Lurgi, pioneer in gasification technologies, expanded the know-how of Air Liquide in this area. A long-standing leader in supplying industrial gases, the Group is now also present at all points of the gasification to ...

Waste Air Purification Unit

by Silica Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

The purification of waste air by adsorption is especially suitable for removing organic contaminations to very low residual concentrations. Generally the recovered solvents can be re-used. Basing on decades of experience Silica is in a position to process also special substances and combinations of substances.

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