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ACT Series - Ozone Generators for Air Purification

by Lenntech Water Treatment

There are three series of air purification generators, ranging from Series 3000 for home and office, to Series 6000 for heavy duty applications. The picture below shows the ACT 3000. (dimensions: 225x110x75mm)

CARULITE Catalysts - Overview

by Carus Corporation

Carus Corporation is the manufacturer of a series of manganese based catalysts, called CARULITE® catalysts. These Hopcalite (also searched as Hopkalit) type catalysts are used for breathable air purification, emission air purification, and process air purification.

Eco-Tec AnoPur - Acid Purification For Aluminum Anodizing

by Eco-Tec Inc.

AnoPur  is a version of Eco-Tec’s Acid Purification Systems specifically adapted for purification of sulphuric acid used in aluminum anodizing. Hundreds of AnoPur units are in operation in anodizing facilities around the world. The Anopur is used to continuously remove dissolved aluminum from sulfuric acid anodizing baths in order to ...

Jet Scrubbers for Off-gas Purification

by Körting Hannover AG

Jet scrubbers are utilised for basic operations such as: Cooling - Scrubbing - Conveying. Exhaust air is accelerated by means of impulse exchange with t he motive-/rinsing liquid. This suction effect facilitates a gas-side pressure gain with which flow resistances can be compensated for. The action of atomising the rinsing liquid into the ...

Eco-Tec APU - Stainless Steel Pickling Acid Purification System

by Eco-Tec Inc.

The most widely used acid recycling system in the world, the Eco-Tec Acid Purification Unit, APU®, eliminates bath dumping by removing metals as they dissolve into the stainless steel pickling acid. Since 30% – 70% of original acid is lost in bath dumping before being used, the APU® dramatically reduces acid and related waste ...

Air Purifier

by Biobase

Air purifier is an air purification equipment with advanced level, widely used in hospital, small clinic, laboratory, office, meeting room and home etc. It can protect your life and your health through purifying dust, germ and virus, etc in the air.

Waste Air Purification

by Lenzing Technik GmbH

Our service portfolio is characterized by a wide range of different applications from VOC minimization, to the removal of smells and process optimizations. Starting with the analysis of the actual state, through to the erection of turn-key lines and the servicing of these.

1000 to 3000 - Air Purification Systems

by Circul-Aire

Circul-Aires advanced technology of gas phase and particulate filtration offers maximum contaminant control efficiency. The multi-stage design allows for selection of the required filters in a specific sequence to meet the requirements of each application.

Waste Air Purification Unit

by Silica Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

The purification of waste air by adsorption is especially suitable for removing organic contaminations to very low residual concentrations. Generally the recovered solvents can be re-used. Basing on decades of experience Silica is in a position to process also special substances and combinations of substances.

400 - Air Purification Systems

by Circul-Aire

There are many applications that require both compact, low cost considerations with high efficiency air filtration. Circul-Aire's APS-400 (Air Purification System) is designed to effectively remove particulate and gaseous contaminants from confined spaces, while reducing the amount of outside air that would normally be required for dilution of ...

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