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Air Sparge Systems

by Pumps of Oklahoma, Inc.

Available are blower packages for in situ air sparging and bio-venting applications. These blower packages are base mounted units that incorporate Rotary Positive Displacement, Rotary Vane, or Regenerative type blowers, depending on the application flow and pressure.

MAE2 - Air Sparge System

by Mid-Atlantic Environmental Equipment, Inc.

Air Sparging involves the injection of air or gases to the subsurface that promote enhanced degradation of contaminations. Sparge systems are designed based on required air flow and anticipated breakthrough pressure. A wide variety of blowers & compressor can be used to achieve various flow and pressure scenarios. Typical industry standards ...

Air Sparging Systems

by Sequoia Environmental Remediation Inc.

Sequoia sparge systems are designed to be robust and low maintenance, and come in many standard and custom configurations, suitable for a wide variety of sites. Complete a sparge unit with many options such as custom sound attenuated enclosures or telemetric controls to ensure quiet perfomance and versatility.

EPG - Air Sparging Equipment

by EPG Companies Inc.

Air sparging is often used in conjunction with vapor extraction for in-situ soil remediation. This process involves injecting pressurized air into the water table in order to strip volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by mass transfer. Air bubbles are created that come in contact with dissolved phase contaminants which are then volatilized. The ...

Air Sparging Units

by Good Earthkeeping Organization Inc (GEO)

Air sparging units reduce the concentration of VOCs in contaminated soil and water. G.E.O. Inc. manufactures air sparge units that inject compressed uncontaminated air into the subsurface saturated zone creating turbulence and transferring dissolved contaminates to vaporize. Vaporized air vents through the vadose zone to the nearest vapor ...

BISCO - Air Sparging Systems

by BISCO Environmental Neep Systems

BISCO Environmental manufactures SPARGEPAC Air Sparging systems. As with our Soil Vapor Extraction systems, each Air Sparging system is manufactured to meet your specific requirements. There are a number of different system types that can be used; the choice ultimately depending on air flow rate, pressure, and possibly other design considerations. ...

C-SPARGER - Genesis of Ozone Sparging

by Kerfoot Technologies, Inc. (formerly K-V Associates, Inc.)

It all started with the belief that ozone, one of nature’s most powerful oxidants, could be deployed as small gaseous bubbles throughout the pores of a contaminated soil matrix to immediately react with and destroy volatile organic contaminants. From that belief, a new remediation method was born.

TOC Analyzers Accessories

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

Compressed air supplied as instrument air or compressor air can be used as the carrier gas after elimination of the carbon-containing impurities, such as carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons. This kit is suitable for samples with TOC of 0.5 mg/L (0.5 ppm) or higher. This kit is available for TOC-V CSN/CPN. Compressed air supply pressure: 300 to 700 kPa ...

Air Sparging

by Ground Effects Environmental Services Inc.

Multi-valve automated header systems available. Compact and quiet design. Custom-manufactured for your specific needs. Dry contactless pumps. Full telemetry available.

Air Sparging

by Geostream S.r.l.

Air Sparging (AS) is a remediation technology that allows the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in the dissolved phase in groundwater through the injection of air in the underground.

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