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ULTRAZONE - Ultraviolet Ozone Advanced Oxidation System (AOP)

by Spartan Environmental Technologies, L.L.C.     based in Beachwood, OHIO (USA)

Removing organic carbon from water (TOC/COD/BOD) is becoming important in many industries because of stricter discharge requirements or increased water quality standards for internal water use.  Ultraviolet (UV) Ozone based advanced oxidation processes can remove organic compounds from water in an environmentally sustainable fashion.

VoR Algae - Model XXL Series - Controller

by VoR Environmental     based in Botany, AUSTRALIA

The VoR ALGAE CONTROLLER is the strongest algae destroyer on the present world market. It was developed by experts who make it their goal in life to create the absolute top in the field of algae extermination in water with regards to distance and time. The specially designed transducer is a waterproof element, which converts the electrical power ...

Model 200 - Pilot scale, Low-cost Algae Harvester

by OriginOil, Inc.     based in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Model 200 Algae Appliance, is an pilot scale, low-cost algae harvester providing a low energy, chemical-free, continuous flow 'wet harvest' system to efficiently dewater, rupture cell walls, and concentrate the microscopic algae harvest. The Model 200's flow rate is variable up to 200 liters per minute (50 GPM), with the potential to remove more ...

Model 4 - Low-cost Algae Harvester

by OriginOil, Inc.     based in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Now shipping, the Model 4 is an entry-level, low-cost algae harvester designed to make it easier, faster and cheaper for producers and researchers to try and buy OriginOil’s proprietary harvesting technology. The Model 4 utilizes a continuous flow ‘wet harvest’ system to efficiently dewater, optionally rupture cell walls, and ...

Algae - Model S60 - Screen

by OriginOil, Inc.     based in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The Algae Screen S60 provides a continuous, chemical free, low energy process, which sanitizes up to 60 liters (16 gallons) per minute of microalgae growth water, improving productivity and preventing competing microorganism invasion related crashes.Based on our core platform, Electro Water Separation (EWS), the Model S60 is attached to an algae ...

LG Sonic - Model Basic - Ultrasonic Algae Control Device

by Ultrasonic Algae Control LG Sound     based in zoetermeer, NETHERLANDS

LG Sonic® devices are equipped with the DC-MF technology to make sure that all different types of algae in your water are being controlled. Because a water body normally contains several different types of algae, using only 1 frequency would not suffice as it would kill only one group of algae. The DC-MF technology effectively combines different ...

NEFCO - Algae Cover Systems - Odor Control Cover

by NEFCO, Inc.     based in Palm Beach Gardens, FLORIDA (USA)

NEFCO Algae Covers are common-sense designs that have become the best selling covers in North America.

LG Sonic - Model e-Line - Intelligent Ultrasonic Algae and Biofilm Control

by Ultrasonic Algae Control LG Sound     based in zoetermeer, NETHERLANDS

Control algae more efficiently, with a flexible ultrasonic program. The new LG Sonic e-Line incorporates the unique Chameleon TechnologyTM. This technology enables you to change the frequency program, depending on your application or the micro-organism you want to control. By selecting the most effective frequency range, the LG Sonic e-Line can ...

MicroClear - Model 101 - For Algae Control

by Environmental Leverage Inc.     based in North Aurora, ILLINOIS (USA)

MicroClear 101 is a high potency, bacteria-laden, powdered formulation for use in controlling algae through the competition of available nutrients in the water. MicroClear 101 contains a specially formulated, proprietary blend of microorganisms and surface tension suppressants/penetrants.  Because of the diversity of the microorganisms' ...

FreshAWL - WOW-Air B28 - Biosolids and Pond Algae Control System

by FreshAWL, LLC     based in Concord, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Manufactured according to the EPA's standards for DfE, FreshAWL WOW-AIR B28 is designed for treating wastewater treatments where high concentrations of biosolids are present such as:

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