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Perma-Disc Filter

by Contaminant Recovery Systems, Inc.

Permanent replacement for disposable media available sizes for smaller tanks.Dirt on particulate in plating baths can cause poor quality, in terms of performance or appearance, leading to reject parts.  Plating solutions benefiting from Perma-Disc include zinc, chrome, nickel, tin, copper, silver and combined elements. Effluent streams after ...

Titan Filtration Systems

by Serfilco International Ltd

Filtering Metal Finishing Process Solutions and Cleaners, and for Polishing Clarified Treated Waste Treatment Streams. Material: PVC, ST. Performance: Down Flow 50-500 gpm.

Liquid Waste Solidifier

by Arcus Absorbents Inc.

LWS is a granular solidifying agent specifically developed to absorb water-based liquids. It is non-toxic, odorless and when wet, swells to form a tight gel that holds water molecules under pressure.

Purolite - Model S110 - Removal of Boron from Concentrated Aqueous Solutions and Waste Waters

by Purolite Corporation

Purolite S110 is a macroporous polystyrenic based resin, with functional groups specially designed for the selective removal of boron from concentrated aqueous solutions and waste waters. It is effective for such solutions over a wide range of pH values, and over a wide range of boron concentrations. The presence of boron ions in process streams ...

EFLO - Electro Coagulation (EC)

by Concorde – Corodex Group

Electro-Coagulation (EC) is the passing of an electrical current through water. It is a proven and very effective process for the removal of contaminants in that water. EC provides chemical free water treatment of aqueous waste streams and is suitable for a wide range of waste waters of single or combined element contamination.

Purolite - Model C107 - Deionization & Softening of Water & Aqueous Organic Solutions

by Purolite Corporation

Purolite C107 is a high capacity polyacrylic weak-acid cation exchanger developed for water dealkalization. It has particularly fast kinetics combined with the high capacity. The functional groups of the carboxylic type give high chemical efficiency in many applications, especially for the removal of bicarbonate alkalinity in water treatment, ...

Dynatec - Oily Wastewater Treatment and Recovery

by Dynatec Systems Inc.

Dynatec offers membrane systems to remove free and so-called “soluble” (emulsified) oils, as well as heavy metals, from waste streams.

PuroSorb - Model PAD600 - Sorption / Separation of Hydrophobic Organic Species - Non-Ionic Matrix

by Purolite Corporation

PuroSorb PAD600 is one of a range of polymeric adsorbents supplied under the PuroSorb trade name. The range includes over 10 products which offer variations in their chemical nature, physical structure (pore volume, pore size, surface area), and particle size range etc. PuroSorb PAD600 is a macroporous, non ionic, polymeric adsorbent designed to ...

OMNI-TRAP - Regenerative Ion Exchange Media

by SorbTech, a subsidiary of Environmental Science & Technologies (EST)

OMNI-TRAP media is a patented dry powder formulation of zeolitic clays that can be used in column and other type filters to remove multivalent cations (metals) from aqueous waste streams. It is activated by the addition of a solution of sodium or potassium alkali (Sodium or Potassium Carbonate or Hydroxide) and will exchange these ions for metals ...

System for Salt Containing Wastes

by Callidus Technologies - a Honeywell Company

Aqueous or organic waste streams containing inorganic or organic salts require that the Thermal Oxidizer be down-fired to prevent the accumulation of molten salts in the oxidizer furnace. Aqueous waste streams are injected directly into the Thermal Oxidizer while organic waste may be burnt like a fuel and fired through the burner. Salt or ash ...

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