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Bio Diesel

by Citigate, S.L.

Bio diesel fuel is a renewable energy with very low environmental impact, it is derived from vegetable oils and it replicates the physical and chemical properties of conventional diesel fuel with same performance and little or no modification, it can be used in any type of motor or engine.


by AVA Americas, LLC

Biodiesel is an alternative to regular crude oil-based diesel fuels due to the fact that the combustion characteristics in the engine are very similar. Biodiesel is therefore one of the substances that can be used as a replacement for fossil fuels. The raw materials for the production of Biodiesel are vegetable oils such as rape seed, sunflower, ...

FuelPod - Biodiesel Production System

by Green Fuels LTD

Produce clean-burning biodiesel with FuelPod, a safe, user-friendly and reliable small-scale biodiesel processing system. FuelPod enables businesses and households to have their own environmentally friendly and reliable source of fuel. To produce 50 litres of high quality biodiesel every 24 hours, all you need is 50 litres of used or fresh ...

FuelMatic - Biodiesel Production System

by Green Fuels LTD

FuelMatic incorporates our innovative GSX patent-pending technology and our intelligent GFM operation system to allow the conversion a wide variety of feedstock oils into biodiesel.

Multi-Feedstock BioDiesel Technology

by BDI - BioEnergy International AG

BDI is market and technology leader in the construction of customised BioDiesel plants using the Multi-Feedstock technology the company has developed itself. This patented technology is designed to convert a wide range of raw materials - from crude Vegetable Oils to recycled materials or byproducts like Animal Fats, Used Cooking Oil, Trap Grease ...


by ACCIONA Energy

ACCIONA Energy produces biodiesel from first-use vegetable oils that complies with the quality parameters established by EU legislation. The biodiesel, obtained from vegetable oils, substantially reduces polluting gas emissions produced by conventional diesel fuel, which it can replace (either pure or mixed) without having to make any changes to ...

Aerox - Compact Injector Odour Control System

by Aerox BV

The Aerox-Injector is a highly innovative installation that has been developed and engineered by Aerox in cooperation with universities and research centers. The Aerox-Injector has been successfully installed at over 90 locations worldwide in a wide range of different industries and applications. It is based on 

BioDiesel - Recycled Bio-Based Cooking Oils

by BioGTS Ltd.

Sustainable biodiesel can be best produced from recycled bio-based cooking oils and greases from food industry, restaurants and households, and used as fuel in normal diesel vehicles and for heating and/or cooling. It is a very clean renewable fuel with zero greenhouse gas emissions and 80-90 % lower particle emissions than conventional diesel.



Biomass refers to the entirety of the mass of organic material in a defined ecosystem that became bio-chemically synthesized. Therefore it contains the mass of all living beings, including the died out organisms and the organic metabolism products. About 60% of the biomass of the earth is represented through microorganisms. Biologists and ...

Biobot 150 - Biodiesel processor

by Biobot Bio Diesel Processor

BioBot makes bio diesel simply, quickly and safely. Designed for home or business use. In just four simple process stages, you can now make up to 150 litres of environmentally friendly bio diesel at any one time. The fuel is safely processed, stored and easily dispensed directly into your vehicle from the BioBot processor. The self contained ...

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