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by EPC Engineering Consulting GmbH

Plants oils, e.g. rape oil, are raw materials for the production of biodiesel. Due to the erected biodiesel plants in the last years the market for plant oils is not able to supply the demand for the oils. Therefore plants with own oil production become more important. EPC Engineering Consulting GmbH has developed concepts for complex biodiesel ...

Biodiesel & Naphtha Storage Facilities


ERGIL Construction closely follows alternative Cleaner, Greener Power & Energy Solutions and try to provide the best and latest technologies to the clients. We are a major player in the turnkey design, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of bio diesel and naphtha storage tanks and facilities. We are very familiar with the ...

FuelMatic - Biodiesel Production System

by Green Fuels LTD

FuelMatic incorporates our innovative GSX patent-pending technology and our intelligent GFM operation system to allow the conversion a wide variety of feedstock oils into biodiesel.

Purolite - Model PD206 - Biodiesel Purification

by Purolite Corporation

PUROLITE PD206 is a polishing media specifically formulated for removing by-products remaining after transesterification to produce biodiesel. PUROLITE PD206 is supplied in the dry form with an optimized residual moisture content.

Biodiesel Production From Algae

by Sep-Pro Systems, Inc.

Sep-Pro designs and builds algae production and biodiesel processing facilities. Currently we are conducting research on the most capital cost effective approach. Bioreactors and transesterification of algae oil are chemical processes similar to any chemical plant. This is truly green energy but in a very practical context. Carbon dioxide is used ...

Multi-Feedstock BioDiesel Technology

by BDI - BioEnergy International AG

BDI is market and technology leader in the construction of customised BioDiesel plants using the Multi-Feedstock technology the company has developed itself. This patented technology is designed to convert a wide range of raw materials - from crude Vegetable Oils to recycled materials or byproducts like Animal Fats, Used Cooking Oil, Trap Grease ...

Model 10 MW - WARPP Facility

by Biofuels Power Corporation

Biodiesel and renewable oil fueled grid-connected power plant using General Electric Frame 5 turbine generating up to 10 MegaWatts. This template is best suited for military bases and cogeneration operations that can add HRSG steam and CHP.

Diesel Fuel

by Aurora Algae, Inc.

The world’s demand for diesel will increase from 24 million barrels per day in 2009 to 34 million barrels per day by the year 2030.* Increased demand is based primarily on key transport and industry uses as well as an increased affinity for diesel vehicles in developing countries. Our dependence on petroleum for fueling the ...


by National Biodiesel Board

Biodiesel is a domestic, renewable fuel for diesel engines. Made from agricultural co-products and byproducts such as soybean oil, other natural oils, and greases, it is an advanced biofuel. To be called biodiesel, it must meet the strict quality specifications of ASTM D 6751. Biodiesel can be used in any blend with petroleum diesel fuel.

GlobeCore - Biodiesel Blending System

by GlobeCore Blending

BioDiesel Blending is capable to make any class of fuel: diesel summer fuel, diesel winter fuel, diesel Arctic fuel, high-octane for Euro-4, Euro-5. Basic purpose of our systems is the intensification of processes of dispergating, homogenization and emulsification various at first sight not mixable, not compatible liquids and suspensions ...

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