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ED95 - The Green Biofuel for Heavy Transport

by The SEKAB Group

ED95 is an ethanol based fuel for adapted diesel engines. It consists of 95 percent pure ethanol with the addition of ignition improver, lubricant and corrosion protection. In a diesel engine adapted for ED95 ethanol’s potential can be up to 40 percent better utilised than in a petrol engine. ED95 provides both good energy effect and reduces ...

E85 - Biofuel for Passenger Cars

by The SEKAB Group

E85 is a fuel for petrol engines consisting of 85 percent bioethanol and 15 percent petrol. Ethanol is the world’s largest biofuel and in addition to Sweden, you can get E85 in an increasing number of filling stations in Europe and America. The ethanol SEKAB delivers always complies with the sustainability rules of the Swedish Energy Agency ...

MBP - Biofuel

by MBP Trading SA

MBP biofuels and bioliquids are carbon neutral and cost efficient alternatives to mineral oil based heavy fuels, light fuels as well as diesel.

V-tex - Fuel Gas Cleaning

by ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd

Whether the requirement is for cleaning tars from biogases generated from a hot gasification process, or sulphurous compounds or VOCs from biofuels generated from an anerobic digestion process, V-tex can be the solution.

Model Type VP - Bio Shell and Tube Boilers

by Danstoker A/S

LTHW & HTHW: 1000 - 15000 kW, Designpressure until 16 bar-g. Multi-pass vertical convection boiler intended for heat recovery of hot flue gases from kilns/incineration ovens. Fuels: Hot flue gases originating from combustion of wet bio-fuels. Internal or external expansionsystem at the HTHW execution.

Model PFH - Bio Shell and Tube Boilers

by Danstoker A/S

LTHW: 200 - 5000 kW, Designpressure 4 bar-g, HTHW: 200 - 5000 kW, Designpressure 24 bar-g, or Steam: 0,6 - 7,5 t steam/h, Designpressure until 24 bar-g, 3-pass boiler with closed combustion chamber, Fuels: Dry fine-chopped bio-fuels.

KDS Micronex - Clean Burning Bio-Fuel Powder from Wood and Agricultural Wastes

by First American Scientific Corporation (FASC)

The KDS Micronex extreme velocity impact mill transforms a wide range of biomass ( wood and agricultural waste) into fine dry powder with excellent combustion characteristics. When burned in suspension, the fine biomass powder burns with a high intensity controllable flame. Controls on the KDS including an internal classifier can be adjusted to ...

Biodry Fuel Generation

by AP Business & Technology Consultancy (APBTC)

In the presence of air, any material which contains organic matter (whether in solid or dissolved form) decomposes through a sequence of biological conversion stages into the final end products carbon dioxide, water and inert solid matter.

Bioenergy & Biofuels

by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

Our key research areas in the bioenergy field include: biomass fuel and biomaterial production, handling and treatment technologies; low-emission combustion and gasification solutions for the production of biomass fuels for heat and electricity production and for transportation; increasing the variety of fuels used in heat and power plants; ...

Wingas - Biomethane

by Wingas GmbH

During the fermentation of biomass in the absence of oxygen produces biogas. It is about 60 percent methane, the main component of natural gas, and about 35 percent of carbon dioxide and other substances. Thus biogas reached the same high quality as natural gas, biogas processing plants withdraw the biogas troublesome impurities suc

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