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DuoSphere™ Biogas Storage

by WesTech Engineering, Inc.     based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA)

Over the years, WesTech has supplied our customers with anaerobic digestion equipment that has added value to their plant operations. WesTech continues to provide valuable solutions with the DuoSphere™ Dual Membrane Gasholder. The DuoSphere™ offers innovative designs for digester gas storage and alternatives for conventional digester covers. ...

Biogas Holder On a Rectangular Tank

by Arjun Energy Corporation     based in Salem, INDIA

This is a Rectangular shaped biodigester pond of a Starch Industry, where our Biogas Holder is used , and the gas storage capacity is around 3800 Cubic Metre, and a (100% biogas run) Generator is running 8 - 10 hours a day, using this biogas.

biogas storage bag

by Shenzhen Puxin Science & Technology Co.,LTD     based in Shenzhen, CHINA

Type Specification Unit price RemarkPX-CQD-HY005 0.5M3 ¥190 PVC, Size:1.5*1.2M PX-CQD-HY01 1 M3 ¥360 PVC, Size:1.5*2.2MPX-CQD-HY02 2M3 ¥550 PVC, Size:1.5*2.8MPX-CQD-HY03 3M3 ¥700 PVC PX-CQD-HY05 5M3 ¥960 PVCPX-CQD-HY10 10M3 ¥1830 PVC, PX -CQD-A101 28.26M3 ¥276/ M3 PVC, Size:¢2*9MPX ...

Model AMA Type - Biogas Storage Trank

by AMOCO Group Chengdu Company     based in Chengdu, CHINA

AMA type is separated sphere. It can store and output biogas independently, and can be erected on the ground.

Model AMB Type - Biogas Storage Tank

by AMOCO Group Chengdu Company     based in Chengdu, CHINA

AMB type: The membrane structure is put on the top of the tank that biogas storage and output are in the whole structure. The whole structure likes the ball.

Standard Biogas Storage Systems

by Tecon – textile constructions GmbH     based in Ilz, AUSTRIA

The TECON Standard Biogas Storage System is installed on a concrete foundation and consists of an outer, an inner, and a bottom membrane. The actual biogas storage volume is in between the inner and the bottom membrane. The air blower provides the air pressure in between the inner and the outer membrane. The air and operating pressure is kept ...

Biogas Storage & Digester Covers

by Claro Inc     based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Claro offers a complete range of biogas storage, gas liquification, and digester cover technologies including: Double Membrane Gas Holders: Selected features: ultra durable construction; designed to suit a wide range of applications; free-standing or installed on top of steel and concrete storage tanks; various combinations of gas pressures, ...

Top-Mounted Biogas Storage Systems

by Tecon – textile constructions GmbH     based in Ilz, AUSTRIA

The tank mounted TECON Double Membrane Gas Storage System consists essentially of an outer membrane, an inner membrane and an optional brace system with a center pole. The actual gas storage function is done by the inner membrane, which in conjunction with the supporting air blower, provides a constant operating pressure. The operating pressure is ...

Top-Mounted Biogas Ring Storage and Biogas Storages with Bridges

by Tecon – textile constructions GmbH     based in Ilz, AUSTRIA

Ring Biogas Storage Systems and systems with bridges are functionally very similar to the Top-Mounted Biogas Storage System. The difference is that these storage systems can be placed directly on concrete or steel tanks with a separate center panel. On this center plate or bridge agitators, gas pipe connections, or other fittings can be installed. ...

Biogas Plants

by Kirloskar Integrated Technologies Limited     based in Kothrud, INDIA

Our biogas plants and equipment are designed for various capacities and uses. For standard 2 m3/day capacity we offer “Sanjeevani” and “Sanjeevani-S”. Both these plants take animal dung or crushed food waste as inputs and produce about 2,000 liters of biogas every day. The capacity is equivalent to about 1 domestic LPG ...

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