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Bio-Organic Catalyst - BOC - Bio-Organic Catalyst

by EcoJump LLC

The Bio-Organic Catalyst line of products are developed for use in the following categories; oil spill remediation, water purification, waste water treatment, odor control, Bio-Catalytic cleaning, composting, agricultural, anaerobic digestion, aquaculture. The BOC technology can be used in any industry that requires environmentally safe ...

BioSolve Pinkwater - For Oil/Fuel Vapor Suppression, Soil Remediation, Tank Cleaning and Spill Cleanup

by The BioSolve Company

BioSolve Pinkwater is a proprietary, water-based, biodegradable formulation of surfactants and performance additives. In a dilute aqueous solution, Pinkwater creates micro-emulsions (micelles) when vigorously applied to hydrocarbon contaminants. These micellular emulsions perform three essential functions that are common requirements across ...

EAS-Electron Acceptor Solution - Anaerobic Bioremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons

by EOS Remediation, LLC

Soil and groundwater clean-up is critical to sustainable business practices across many industries.  Since 2002, EOS Remediation has provided site owners and engineers with innovative, environmentally responsible solutions to remediation challenges through its R&D, products and technologies.

BioJet - Waterjet Cutting System

by EOS Remediation, LLC

Subsurface waterjet technology engineered to deliver a slow release hydrogen donor for effective in situ bioremediation in low-permeability soils.  BioJet™ provides a solution for one of the most difficult challenges of environmental remediation in low permeability (clays and silts) contaminated soils.  The technology uses ...

PRO-PUMP Bio-Remediation Kit

by Ecological Laboratories Inc

The development of the PRO-PUMP/Bio-Remediation Kit is based on the well-documented historical performance of PRO-PUMP/HC in the recover of sluggish and failed absorption fields. Ecological Laboratories has documented the usage of PRO-PUMP/Bio-Remediation Kit in the recovery of over 10,000 failed on-site wastewater absorption systems located in ...

GTO - Bioremedial Formula For Grease Traps

by SpillAway International

GTO is a natural, biological treatment system, designed for the food processing, manufacturing and service industries. This product was developed to digest the grease, fats and organic wastes that accumulate in grease traps and drain lines GTO is a live synergistic liquid blend of all natural, CLASS 1 bacteria specifically chosen for their ...

Bio-Black - Bio-Remediation Soils

by A.Link, Inc.

Bio-Black bioremediation is an economical and safe method for cleaning up oil spills and bio-remediation soils contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons and dangerous organic compounds. The Bio-Black bioremediation process utilizes beneficial microbes, surfactants, micronutrients and bio-stimulants to decompose contaminants transforming them into ...

BiOWiSH-Remediate - Cost Effective Bio-Remediation

by BiOWiSH Technologies

BiOWiSH-Remediate accelerates the bio-remediation process by removing a wide range of organic contaminants from polluted soil or bodies of water.

Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) For Domestic Sewage And Industrial Effluent Treatment

by Ovivo (Formerly Eimco Water Technologies)

As domestic sewage and industrial effluent treatment plants, Ovivo’s Rotating Biological Contactors (RBCs) remove soluble, biodegradable, organic materials from domestic and industrial wastewater, achieving a high quality final effluent that is safe for discharge. Driven by low power motors, the RBC technology is one of the most efficient ...

Bio-Remediation Soil and Water Sensors

by Dynamax Inc

Dynamax, Inc. offers several systems and devices for Phytoremediation and Bioremediation projects. Complete water balances, evapotranspiration calculations, plant growth or stress and canopy gas exchange measurements can be performed using our equipment. Service, engineering, systems integration and software are also available from Dynamax.

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