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Baby Jaws - Model BB01 - Bottle Crushers

by PEL Waste Reduction Equipment

Winner of the Gulfood Award 2014 for the most innovative catering equipment, Baby Jaws allows staff to crush bottles directly at the bar. Saving space, time and money: Baby Jaws is the only under counter bottle crusher of its kind available. It can reduce bottle volume by up to 80%. All of the glass can be reprocessed back into bottles. Baby Jaws ...

Jaws - Model BB03 - Volume Fed Bottle Crusher

by PEL Waste Reduction Equipment

Jaws (BB03) is the low height version of the volume fed bottle crusher. It has all the same features as the Mega Jaws bottle crusher. It is suitable in areas where space and height are restricted. Jaws can fit in almost any location, making crushing bottles and waste handling more convenient and accessible. Jaws can crush 680 bottles in 10 ...

PET - Model Type PEP - Bottle Press

by Pühler GmbH

The PET bottles get into the pressing room of the press via a funnel. The funnel is provided with an adjustable double needle roller by means of which the bottles are perforated to destroy their stability. During the subsequent compacting the air can thus escape more easily. The PET bottles in the press are then pushed against the slide plate and ...

Glass Aggregate - Model H-200 - Recycling Systems

by Glass Aggregate Mfg. & Eng., Inc.

Capacity: 2 Tons per Hour. Dimensions: (Length-Width-Height) 24' x 14' x 12'. Weight: 3,500 LBS. Electrical Supply: (standard) 480/460/208 VAC. Motors: (2) 2 HP (3) 1 HP. In-Feed Converyor: 18' x 16'. Out-Take Converyor: 18' x 14'. Trommel: Integrated.

PET Recycling (Blown Bottles)

by Nuga Systems AG

The area of PET bottle recycling is characterised by very high wear and tear on the machines. Frequent blade changes, high energy costs, poor accessibility and thus long downtimes – these are the substantial problems with which recycling firms struggle to increase the cost effectiveness of their systems. With the CentriCut from Nuga Systems ...

PET bottles recycling line


1. PURPOSE : This line is for recycling used PET bottles to get further processing products. The line can process the bale of bottles. 2. RAW MATERIAL:Feeding raw material are dirty PET bottles (packed in bales) together with lids, labels.3. FINISHED PRODUCT: The finished product is clean PET flakes, the particle size of flake is from 6 - 12 ...

Netplasmak - PET Bottle Recycling Line

by Netplasmak Ltd.

This line is designed to reclaim presorted PET bottles. A sorting conveyor is placed at the beginning of the line and PET bottles to be recycled is presorted manually. Foreign matters, particularly PVC bottles are removed by experienced workers. At this stage color separation is done as well. Loading conveyor feeds PET bottles in a regular manner ...

PET Bottle Flakes

by Gneuß Kunststofftechnik GmbH

The economic attraction of using PET bottle flakes in place of virgin material mainly depends on the efficient processing of the recycled material that is used. Melt filtration is a decisive aspect in this context. With more than 250 filtration systems sold for processing PET bottle flakes, Gneuss is one of the market leaders in this field. The ...

The Big Bottle Recycler

by Alpha Bin Care Ltd

The Big Bottle Recycler is ideal for use in large venue locations: stadiums, theme parks, theaters and tourist areas. It has an optional weight base for outdoor use and is made with high density plastic. The 132 litre receptacle bag secures around the upper lip of base. 'Cans & Bottles Only' is embossed at bottle openings, front and back.

PEL - Model Baby Jaws -BB01 - Under Counter Bottle Crusher

by Telegreen Recycling Equipment

This unique machine allows the customer to crush glass bottles behind the bar, saving space and eliminating the need for bottle bins. Baby Jaws sits on the same footprint as the standard glass washer and has low noise levels.

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