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SBT - Brine Tanks

by Shanghai Liquapure Filtation Co., Ltd

Liquapure square water softener brine tanks are ideal for commercial water softeners. The China brine tanks price is completive.

Brine Tanks

by Kennet Water Components Ltd

Rotationally moulded in blue M.D.P.E. and designed for use in water softener applications, three different configurations are available: Brine tank with lid. Brine tank with lid, salt grid and brine well. Brine tank with lid, salt grid, brine well and brine valve. The salt grids are machined to give an extremely accurate fit within the brine tank ...

Brine Tanks

by Granite Environmental, Inc

These brine tanks feature an open-top flat bottom structure that provides them with stability and easy access while in storage. Since these tanks are manufactured with no lid, chemicals, water solutions, and more can be easily poured straight into or out of the tank. Designed to remain strong despite contact to its exterior or interior, one way ...

UIG - Fiberglass FRP Tanks

by United Industries Group, Inc.

United Industries Group, Inc. (UIG) manufactures a variety of fiberglass tanks using the highest quality corrosion-resistant  reinforced plastic (FRP Tank) materials. Products include process vessels, chemical storage tanks, foul air ducting, piping and more.

UIG - Field Welded Steel Storage Tanks

by United Industries Group, Inc.

UIG is the top supplier of welded steel tanks of all capacities, from small applications of a few hundred gallons to the largest industrial tanks measured in millions of barrels. We offer individual tanks as well as complete packages that include all appropriate peripheral equipment and systems. Naturally, the metallurgy of your tank and its ...

UIG - Epoxy Coated Bolted Storage Tanks

by United Industries Group, Inc.

When it comes to optimal economy and efficiency, smooth wall quality bolted steel tanks are often the best answer for your liquid storage needs. Modern bolted tank designs offer superior flexibility and secure leak protection plus far greater economy than any field-welded, field erected steel tanks.  In addition, current overlapped-plate ...

Brine Systems


Santek cylindrical brine tanks are produced of polyethylene by blow molding and are in 100 l and 200 l sizes. Our tanks are available in custom colors and with hot stamped labels. Square shapes can also be produced depending on the quantity of requirement. We also produce brine valves for filling brine tanks and as safety against overflow.

Brine Caps

by Delta Water Engineering N.V.

The brine cap has been conceived out of a market situation in which many domestic and industrial softeners do not work because the regeneration is not done correctly. Our engineers have studied this problem and they have designed the brine cap.Thanks to the brine cap there is always contact between salt and water, with the guarantee that the salt ...

BARR - SBS750 - Brine Making System

by BARR Plastics Inc.

With the BARR SBS750 Brine Making System, the actual Brine Making process requires no power, just the addition of salt and a high flow of water into the Brine Making vessel and the Brine solution flows automatically up through the salt in the Brine Maker and gravity flows to the adjacent Batch Tank at a consistent 23% concentration – a ...

Continuous Production Electrochlorinator- Brine Based

by Pristine Water

Water & Wastewater treatment, Cooling water treatment and other disinfection process require Chlorine. But procuring and storing Chlorine is cumbersome and hazardous. The best and convenient alternative is Sodium Hypochlorite. Continuous Production Electrochlorinators are designed for high capacity production of Sodium Hypochlorite from brine ...

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