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Model IRS31 - Calibration Kit

by G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH

Two sodium chloride solutions according to the freezing temperature -2.0°C (+/- 0.5K) and -10.0°C (+/- 0.5K).

Calibration Kits

by Liquid Technology Corporation

Designed for professionals to check or recalibrate in the field. Calibration kits can be customized to hold one or two cylinders of the gas of your choice along with a regulator for the cylinder, a number of other accessories are also available to choose from to meet your specific application.

Calibration Kit

by Sensit Technologies

Calibration kits are used to verify and set an instrument to a known sample of gas. Calibration is not just making sure the instrument reads zero at turn on. When calibrating, you are adjusting the sensor output to equal the display reading as well as verifying the performance of the product. This should be documented and performed per your ...

Calibration Kit

by Modern Safety Techniques (MST) Inc.

MST’s 8003101 Calibration Kit is furnished with a non-adjustable regulator to ease the calibrating procedure. WARNING: To avoid damage to the monitor’s sensor, regulator provided in this kit must be used. Before attempting to use this kit, be certain that the components are connected as shown in the sketch below and read the section on ...

Calibration Kits

by Micro-Watt Control Devices Ltd.

A typical calibration kit is composed by:Calibration Gas Cylinders (103L, 76L or 58L), CCS-1 Cup/Guard Adapter (use CC-SIR100 when being used with Infrared SIR100 gas detector), 0.5 LPM Regulator/Pressure Indicator, Carrying Case, feet high density Polyurethane Tubing.

Pollution - Calibration Gases Kit

by Pollution Srl

Kit composed of 12 one-liter @ 12bar 7 20°C gas cylinders. Not rechargeable. They contain Technical Air or Span Gas (Propane in Technical Air, at different equivalent concentrations of total Carbon).

IC Controls - Model orp-kit - ORP Calibration Kit

by IC Controls

The ORP calibration kit conveniently packages the requirements for ORP calibrations in the right amounts for easy use. The necessary utensils and accessories, made of durable plastic, are included in the kit. Using this kit you are assured of reliable and accurate results while at the same time the technician's job is made easier.

LevelCom - Model LC-100 - Calibration Kit ( LC-CalKit )

by Technical Marine Service, Inc. (TMS)

The LC-100 Calibration Kit is a complete set of tools designed to provide an accurate, reliable and portable method for calibrating the LevelCom LC-100 Tank Level Gauges.

Field Calibration Kits

by Airmetrics

Each kit includes a digital or analog manometer, one calibration orifice, a louvered inlet, tubing, a sturdy all-weather case and a calibration curve traceable to NIST.

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