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Washable Replacement Activated Carbon Filter

by Airdot Environmental Technologies Ltd     based in Jing’an, CHINA

These filters can be washed and reused several times. The filters are tested to be high grade inflammable according to EU industry regulations. Good ability of adsorption. Able to remove VOC, dust, article, fume, smell. Washable and flame retardant. Any customization requirement can be met.

Pressure Regulators

by UK General Trading Co. Limited     based in London, UNITED KINGDOM

Material: Cast Iron, Carbon Steel. Sizes: 3/8” to 12”. Types: Direct Acting / Pilot Regulated. Pressure: up to 600 PSI. Ends: Flanged, Threaded (NPT).

Dissolved CO2 Sensors

by Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc     based in Greifensee, SWITZERLAND

METTLER TOLEDO's advanced dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor series, InPro 5000i, is specially designed for use in sterile/hygienic processes (fermentation) in the pharmaceutical industry. Made of FDA-compliant materials, with highly polished surface finish to facilitate cleaning, they fully meet international regulations such as EHEDG.

Model UPRH09-05T - Pressure Regulator Reducing Valve

by Uehling Instrument Co     based in Paterson, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Spring and Double Piston Operated.Body & Piston: 303SS.Spring Chamber & Ext Spring Hardware: Carbon Steel.Spring Range: 20 – 120 psig / 1.38 – 8.28 barg.Can be factory set at a specific psi.Estimated Flow Cv: 1.81

ATTSU - Model EBR-AS - Pump and Regulation Skid

by ATTSU TERMICA S.L.     based in Cerla, SPAIN

The EBR-AS model is a skid-format equipment with pumps and control for hot water and superheated water boilers of various elements & regulations sizes. The Skid allows the temperature of the return water circuit to prevent condensation on the of start up conditions. The Skid consists of all elements and accessories in order to have a control, ...

Aerovent Safety Drum Vent Captures VOC Emissions from Your Drums

by BASCO, Inc     based in University Park, ILLINOIS (USA)

Helps comply with EPA VOC regulations and OSHA safety regulations. Aerovent® has a built-in activated carbon filter that captures vapor released during drum venting. Internal flame arrestor prevents flashback from external sources of ignition. Automatic pressure relief at 5 psi. Automatic vacuum relief allows chug-free dispensing. Brass vent body, ...

Carbon Tetrachloride

by Akzo Nobel Base Chemicals (ANBC)     based in Amersfoort, NETHERLANDS

Carbon Tetrachloride is a colourless, neutral liquid, heavier than water and of characteristic sweetish odour. It is completely miscible with almost any solvents but only sparingly with water and shows smooth solvency power to most organic chemicals and materials. Carbon Tetrachloride is non-inflammable and its vapours form no explosive mixtures ...

Model UPRH04-05T - High Pressure Regulator Reducing Valve

by Uehling Instrument Co     based in Paterson, NEW JERSEY (USA)

Spring and piston operated.Body: 303SS.Seat: Metal.Spring Chamber & Ext Spring Hardware: Carbon Steel.Hard Chrome Piston Option: None. Spring Range: 150 – 450 psig / 10.3 – 31 barg.Can be factory set at a specific psi.Estimated Flow Cv: 3.5

Model CQ0501 - Type A-7A Drums

by Skolnik Industries, Inc.     based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA)

These drums have been tested according to Type A 7A regulations (IP 1, 2 and 3) and are intended for use as shipping and storage containers for permissible radioactive materials. Available in 5 to 110 gallon capacities, these drums have passed rigorous water spray, free drop, penetration and stacking tests. Custom designs available in both carbon ...

Solvent Recovery/Carbon Adsorption

by MEGTEC Systems     based in De Pere, WISCONSIN (USA)

MEGTEC designs, supplies and installs Solvent Recovery Systems that utilize regenerative activated carbon adsorption, condensation, scrubbing and distillation technologies to control Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) vapor emissions from solvent-based manufacturing processes to comply with environmental regulations, ...

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