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Check-valves Series

by FASTER S.p.A.

CHECK VALVES are often used as safety device within hydraulic circuits. Purposely designed to be used when it is necessary for opening a valve at a specific pressure level, check valves are characterized by elastomeric or metal to metal sealing and by a wide range of opening pressures.

Model 2 psi - Quick-connect with Check Valve


This rugged nozzle body comes with a diaphragm check-valve that has a cracking pressure of 2 psi. Use this nozzle body for applications in buildings without sloped floors. (Use P/N 2320-1922-008 if distribution line will slope more than 12-18 inches from end to end.) It has 1/4' mpt for connection in schedule 80 PVC or steel pipe (1-1/2' id or ...

Cameron - Model 310 Series - Check Valves

by Cameron

The 310 Series is a ductile iron, threaded bonnet, full opening, swing check valve. Threaded bonnet construction allows disassembly on the jobsite for easy service and repair. 310 Series check valves are available in sizes 1” to 4” 600psi to 2000psi maximum working pressures in threaded end connections.

Check Valves

by Schutte & Koerting

Fig. 828 Check Valves, also referred to as Extraction Check Valves, prevent backflow in steam and water lines to protect valuable equipment from damage. Used in extraction lines from steam turbines to feedwater heaters, heating systems or process equipment, these extraction check valves are engineered for exceptional reliability. Where reverse ...

Model Series TF-1 - Check Valves

by Tideflex Technologies

The TF-1 has become the preferred Tideflex configuration for outfalls. Designed for in-structure and end-of-pipe installations, the TF-1 features a flat bottom and flared top. This allows the valve to be installed at a lower overall elevation than other configurations, with less bottom clearance required. This is especially important in low-lying ...

Model Series 35-1 - Check Valves

by Tideflex Technologies

In some applications, a slip-on Tideflex duckbill check valve (TF-1) is not feasible because of an existing mating flange or wall thimble, or a flanged connection is preferred, or it is desired to mount the valve directly to a concrete wall. In these cases, the 35-1 Duckbill Check Valve is the solution.

Adams - Model SCV - Check Valves

by Adams Valves Inc.

SCV check valves are exclusively installed at the outlet side of steam turbines. These fast closing non-return valves shall protect the turbine from back flow of steam or water which may severely damage the turbine blades. The free swinging SCV design closes by gravity. The disc is designed to provide two times more gravitational closing force ...

Model NV/OV/OF/OD Line - Check Valve


Check valves of the NV/OV line are open cartridges and provide a superior flow performance (reduced head loss). They can only be assembled against the direction of flow but require no retainer («snap-fit» design with flexible tabs).The distinguishing feature between NV and OV lines is the positioning of the outer seal (NV: non-captive ...

Model H44H - Check Valve

by WenZhou Link Valve Co.,Ltd

Bolted, Cover, Swing or lift type disc , Wafer type, Threaded or welded seat ring, Check valve, also named Non-return valve, check valve have two openings in the body, one for fluid to enter and the other for fluid to leave, so the flow through it in only one direction. Check valve always work automatically and most are not controlled by a person ...

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