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AdEdge - Chemical Feed Systems

by Adedge Water Technologies, LLC

The AdEdge CO2 pH adjustment system is designed to lower the pH of the source water through the injection and dissolution of gaseous CO2. The system is capable of dynamically controlling the pH of the water stream by actively monitoring the pH of the water downstream of the gas injection point and proportionately controlling the amount of CO2 ...

Bello Zon - CDLb - Chlorine Dioxide Plants

by ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH

The chlorine dioxide system Bello Zon® CDLb uses the chlorite/acid process. A chlorine-free chlorine dioxide is generated from a sodium chlorite solution using hydrochloric acid in a batch process. The innovative reactor design and stepwise process make the production of chlorine dioxide exceptionally safe and reliable. The system can produce ...

CHLORINSITU - IV - Compact Membrane Electrolysis Systems

by ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH

Electrolysis systems of the CHLORINSITU IV compact type generate ultra-pure chlorine gas in a vacuum process. For this purpose, a saturated solution of sodium chloride is produced in a salt dissolving tank included with the delivery that is then electrolysed in a membrane cell. Sodium hydroxide and hydrogen are produced in the cathode chamber and ...

Blackwater - On-Site Chemical Generator

by MIOX Corporation

The MIOX Blackwater trailer is a mobile chemical-free disinfection system designed to meet high volume disinfection needs with ease. This dual-MIOX system design can meet fluctuating oxidant demand and water volume all within a footprint no larger than 9’ by 40’. Safe oxidizing chemistry generated at your site when you need it, with ...

Legio Zon - Chlorine Dioxide Plants Legio

by ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH

Chlorine dioxide is increasingly gaining acceptance, particularly in the control of Legionella and other bacteria in the potable water used in public buildings such as hospitals, hotels or sports complexes. With the new Legio Zon system, the requirements of smaller and mid-sized buildings can be reliably handled too. With Legio Zon, 0-5 g/h of ...

DULCOMETER - D2C - Dual Channel Controller

by ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH

The dual-channel controller DULCOMETER D2C is a measuring and control device based on microprocessor technology offering the highest degree of processing reliability in a broad spectrum of applications. The controller is configurable and therefore can be individually adapted to meet your needs. This applies as much to the control modes as to its ...

DULCOMARIN - II - Multi Channel Measuring and Control System Pool Controller

by ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH

The DULCOMARIN II control system is the first bus system in swimming pool technology used to network equipment. The system is designed for public swimming pools and also for sophisticated private pools, and conforms to DIN 19643. The flexible system can be designed to meet requirements either as a compact or decentralised modular system and is ...

Vaccuperm VGS-14x

by Grundfos Alldos

High-capacity disinfection system. These innovative disinfection systems dispose of modern sensors and microprocessor electronics for the measurement of the chlorine concentration and the control of the dosing flow. A multitude of sensors offer in connection with PLC extensive possibilities of monitoring and early detection of faults in automated ...

Gasflag - Single Channel Control System

by Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd

Gasflag is a control system for monitoring any 4-20mA flammable, toxic or oxygen gas detector. Gasflag is ideally suited to light industrial or commercial applications such as LPG monitoring on garage forecourts, chlorine detection in swimming pool dosing rooms, or methane detection in boiler rooms.

Vario - MACRO cube Series - Elemental Analysis System

by Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH

Whether in coal, oil or soil analysis, the elemental analysis of macro samples is a particularly technical challenge for an analyzer. Elementar has solved this task in a sophisticated way by offering the vario MACRO cube. New technical solutions combined with well proven techniques allow the simultaneous determination of CHNS of samples up to the ...

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