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High purity solvents - for Organic Trace Analysis

by Merck Millipore     based in Darmstadt, GERMANY

UniSolv® for Organic Trace Analysis - Large retention time range (even low-boiling substances can be reliably detected)- Highest possible purity and minimal signal-to-noise ratio- Best possible batch consistency avoiding analysis repetition, time and cost saving- Specified for GC-Electron Capture Detector (ECD), GC-Flame Ionization Detector (FID) ...

High Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography plates - increased speed and sensitivity for sophisticated separations

by Merck Millipore     based in Darmstadt, GERMANY

HPTLC plates offer higher speed and higher sensitivity than classical TLC plates and are therefore optimally suited for sophisticated separations, such as: - Identity testing in analysis of herbal medicines & medicinal plants - Quantitative separations such as quality control of drugs using instrumental equipment - Quality or purity testing of ...

LiChrolut EN columns - Solid-phase extraction (SPE) for chromatographic analysis

by Merck Millipore     based in Darmstadt, GERMANY

- Saves time and solvent - Higher recoveries without the formation of emulsion - High precision of analytical results by using disposable cartridges - Use of common organic solvents, buffer solutions, acids and bases over the entire pH-range - Possibility for automating the entire process LiChrolut® EN was especially developed for application ...

EXtrelut NT - liquid-liquid extraction for chromatographic analysis

by Merck Millipore     based in Darmstadt, GERMANY

- Saves solvent - Easy-to-use - Highly efficient EXtrelut® NT sorbents and columns are specially developed for sample preparation of aqueous matrices. EXtrelut® NT simplifies liquid-liquid extraction by replacing separation funnels with a single step principle. Applications: - urine, whole blood, plasma, serum, gastric juices, liquor, ...

LiChrosolv solvents - high-perfomance solvents for HPLC and LC-MS

by Merck Millipore     based in Darmstadt, GERMANY

For analytical HPLC, Merck Millipore provides LiChrosolv® solvents in 'isocratic grade' and 'gradient grade'. Gradient grade LiChrosolv® solvents enable you to minimize the gradient effect of the solvent involved (for example in enantiomeric separations on chiral phases) and are suitable for UPLC and UHPLC: Minimal baseline noise, Low ...

Prepsolv solvents - optimized for preparative Chromatography

by Merck Millipore     based in Darmstadt, GERMANY

Prepsolv® solvents are tailored to the requirements of preparative HPLC to facilitate scale-up from analytical to preparative separations. - Extremely low evaporation residue (< 1 mg/l) - Low water content - Optimal protection for columns Prepsolv® solvents for large-scale application are supplied in returnable stainless steel barrels, ...

Combustion Ion Chromatography

by Metrohm AG     based in Herisau, SWITZERLAND

Combustion Ion Chromatography (CIC) extends the range of automated ion chromatography to all kinds of combustible samples.In CIC, samples are digested by pyrolysis in an oven unit. The resulting gaseous compounds are passed into an absorption solution, which is transferred to a Metrohm ion chromatograph for subsequent injection and analysis.CIC is ...

Thin-Layer Chromatography Plates

by Merck Millipore     based in Darmstadt, GERMANY

The field of application for TLC plates covers virtually all classes of substances including pesticides, steroids, alkaloids, lipids, nucleotides, glycosides, carbohydrates, fatty acids and many others. - No need for sophisticated instruments - No sample preparation step needed - Multiple samples can be run simultaneously The technique can also be ...

Tracera - High Sensitivity Gas Chromatograph System

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc     based in Columbia, MARYLAND (USA)

The new Tracera GC System is now ready to solve your trace analysis needs. This system utilizes the new Barrier Discharge Ionization Detector technology coupled with a GC-2010 Plus capillary gas chromatograph to create a GC system that makes it possible to reveal trace components that are difficult to see by other GC detectors.

Model HS-20 - Headspace Samplers

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc     based in Columbia, MARYLAND (USA)

Premier Solution for Volatile Component Analysis: Principle of headspace (HS) analysis: A sample is sealed inside a HS vial, and the VOCs in the sample are allowed to reach equilibrium between the gas and liquid phases using temperature, agitation, and time. The vial is pressurized and a portion of the headspace is sampled for analysis.

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