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SPIRACONE - Clarifier

by WesTech Engineering, Inc.

Eliminate Moving Parts and Related Maintenance With the SPIRACONE™ Clarifier

Trident - Model HSR - Clarifier

by WesTech Engineering, Inc.

The Trident HSR can be used to convert an existing Trident installation to HS technology, or as a stand-alone high rate clarifier.


by Poggi Group

Poggi group supplies water steel clarifiers bolted or welded worldwide in several sectors from small ones up to 50 meters diameter

Accelator - Clarifier

by Degremont Technologies

A recognized leader in its class, Infilco Degremont's Accelator® Clarifier is a high-rate treatment plant in a single basin that employs the principle of internal slurry recirculation. Accelator® Clarifiers are designed for large capacity plants. They provide effective clarification in municipal or industrial water and wastewater ...

Superpulsator - Clarifier

by Degremont Technologies

The Superpulsator® Clarifier is a solids contact, sludge blanket clarifier capable of removing color, turbidity, and organic material. It precisely integrates the functions of chemical addition, coagulation, flocculation, and solids separation that are required for reliable, consistent clarification. A homogeneous sludge blanket creates ...


by Schreiber LLC

The Schreiber Clarifiers are versatile and very durable peripheral drive clarifiers. The peripheral drive system utilizes leverage rather than center-drive torque to rotate the scraper and skimming assembly, resulting in a simplified mechanical system. The equipment necessary for the continuous removal of floatables and settled solids is suspended ...

OMS-Simplex - Clarifiers

by OMS Kläranlagen GmbH

The new dimension for final settling tanks with vertical flow- through Because of its compact construction and the lack of necessity for mechanical equipment, the Simplex clarifier is low in manufacturing costs. It is a brilliant construction device which makes it possible to combine the advantages of a funnel-shaped clarification tank with a ...


by Filter Machines Pvt. Ltd

It is use in area where huge quantity of slurry with less solid content. Commonly it is used in effluent treatment, water treatment & sewage treatment plant.


by Napier-Reid Ltd.

Clarifier is a device or tank in which clarification process is carried out, raw water is held to allow the settling of suspended matter by gravity. Clarifiers are circular or rectangular in shape with sludge collecting and removing mechanism at the bottom of tank.


by INTERECO S.n.c.

The bridge stands over the sedimentation tank with an upturned-cone-shaped base. The sewage is delivered into a central distribution cylinder. Due to the gravity, the solids lay on the bottom of the sedimentation tank, where Scrapers placed on a beam anchored to the center of the sedimentation tank draw Them from the sides toward the middle of the ...

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