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Energy and Climate Report

by Bloomberg BNA

Energy and Climate Report provides current, thorough coverage of clean energy, efficiency, and climate change legislation, regulation, policy, legal developments, and trends in the U.S. and internationally.

Westech - ClimateZone Containment Cabinets

by Westech Scientific Instruments (Westech)

ClimateZone Containment Cabinets provide a safe climatically controlled temperature and humidity environment for pharmaceutical drug sample testing and are ideal for practically any application. The Pharmaceutical Industry deals with both potent and sensitive drug compounds on a daily basis which means they have a high dependency on good facility ...

Environment Reporter

by Bloomberg BNA

This multi-part environmental resource keeps you fully up to date on rapidly changing developments in courts, Congress, federal agencies, state legislatures, industry, and environmental organizations.

HortiMaX - Clima 300 - Climate Controller

by HortiMaX

The Clima 300 is the most cost-effective heating, ventilation and screen control solution, specifically designed for greenhouse operations with 3 blocks or compartments, or less.The HortiMaX Clima 300 climate computer is a flexible and accurate environmental controller with high-grade control features. Since there are four basic models to choose ...

CD-ROM - Explore Climate Change

by The Geological Society of America

Add some real power to your climate change topic! Explain to your students what factors can change our climate and have students do activities using data from tree rings, ice cores, fossils and much more. CD contains teacher notes, student activities and answers, printable cut-out models and many great full-color images. (Grades 8-12) Explore ...

Temptron - 607 - Climate Controllers

by Agro Logic, LTD

Temptron 607 climate controllers are reliable, user friendly micro controllers especially designed for poultry and swine raising.Temptron 607 displays the temperature from up to 4 temperature sensors as well as the average house temperature. A humidity sensor can also be connected to the system. Temptron 607 has 8 built in relays for ...

Reduce high fuel costs and climate change

by The Energy Group

Unique High Quality Precison Product (USA made - 304L Stainless Steel) has already reduced fuel costs 10% to 31% and Climate Change emissions to 96%. NOT magnets, NO maintenance ever, can be used on any equipt. using any type of fuels. Can be switched from present equipt. to replacement equipt. 1 yr money back perf. guarantee and min. 10 yr ...

PAX - Photoacoustic Extinctiometer Black Carbon Monitor

by Enviro Technology Services plc

The new Photoacoustic Extinctiometer (PAX) is a sensitive, high-resolution, fast-response instrument for measuring aerosol optical properties relevant for climate change and carbon particle sensing. The instrument directly measures in-situ light absorption and scattering of aerosol particles, from which it derives extinction, single scattering ...

LGR - Water Vapor Isotope Analyser

by Enviro Technology Services plc

Reliable in-situ measurements of δ2H, δ17O, and δ18O in water contained in liquids, vapor, fog and clouds are important in modeling vapor dynamics and determining potential feedbacks on future climate change. In addition, fast, high-frequency isotopic water measurements provide detailed time-resolved information on the ...

International Environment Reporter

by Bloomberg BNA

Know and understand environmental news, laws, regulations, and policies — in all major industrialized and developing nations, as well as international governmental and nongovernmental organizations.

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