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Coalescing Plate

by Fasam Srl

With the new coalescing plate separator series 'KPS', Fasam introduces a new improved version of the well-known high efficency oil/water separation system.The oily-water mixture first enters an inlet chambers, where bulk separation takes place due to the effective of gravity. The mixture then passes to the plate where due to velocity variations in ...

Hydrokleen - Model OCS Series - Oil Coalescing and Skimming Systems

by Hydro Engineering Inc.

The Hydrokleen Oil Coalescing System (OCS) is an above ground Oil/Water separator. The OCS is an excellent alternative to in ground Oil/Water Separators and with over 68,000 square inches of coalescing plates, you're insured of excellent resultsl.

Model CHC-SH-L-X-K - Coalescing Oil Separator

by Salher

Separation of mineral oils, grease and hydrocarbon from water by density difference and coalescence. This equipment does not separate emulsified hydrocarbon and oils. Class I hydrocarbon separator by coalescence, compact with adjustable skimmer and built- in storage tank.

CRP-SEP High Volume Coalescing Separator

by Compass Water Solutions (CWS)

The CRP-SEP is a high volume single stage horizontal oily water separator. Offshore drilling and production operators have come to rely upon Compass Water Solutions'CRP-SEP System for their oily water treatment needs. If large volumes of primary and secondary oily water need to be processed, the CRP-SEP Oily Water Separator is entirely capable, ...

ZCL - Coalescing Oil/Water Separators

by ZCL Composites INC.

ZCL’s coalescing oil/water separators provide high performance solutions for reducing oil and fuel in runoff water streams.

EuroPEK Roo - Model NS15 - 150 - Oil Separators

by Wavin-Labko Ltd

EuroPEK Roo Oil Separators are class I separators. They are designed and tested according to the EN 858 standard. Design pays special attention to the special needs of purification of oily wastewater from vehicle wash areas. The high purification efficiency of the EuroPEK Roo separators is based on the coalescing units. Water flows through the ...

Freytech - Model XL Panels 40 - Oil Refineries of Oil Water Separators

by Freytech Inc.

Enhanced coalescing oil water separator for large oily water flow rates : PANEL XL. Depending on the model selected, each individual panel can handle flow rates of either 320 gallons per minute (GPM) or 640 GPM. Achieves below 5 parts per million (PPM) separation of free non-emulsified oil (below 10 PPM for many types of light crude oil). By far, ...

VortClarex - Superior Oil/Water Separation

by Contech Engineered Solutions LLC

The VortClarex system is an oil/water separator that utilizes coalescing media to efficiently remove freely dispersed oil and other liquid pollutants from urban runoff and industrial discharges. It specifically targets oil and grease.The VortClarex is specifically designed for those sites where removal of oil and grease is the greatest concern and ...

EuroPEK Omega - Model NS3 - 15 - Oil Separators

by Wavin-Labko Ltd

Europek Omega Oil Separators are class I separators. They are designed and tested according to the EN 858 standard, and they are especially suitable for processing oily rainwater. Europek Omega separators are available in nominal sizes NS3-NS15.The high purification efficiency of the europek Omega is based on the 3-D coalescing filter. Europek ...

Coalescing Plate Packs


The coalescing plate packs are designed to equip the primary rectangular separators from the technological flow of separation and recovery of black oil in the used waters from the fuel utilization of electrothermal power stations. Their role is that of agglomerating and magnifying the dimensions of hydrocarbons particles from the infested water, ...

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