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Model CSP - Concentrating Solar Power Technology

by Abengoa     based in Palmas Altas, SPAIN

Solar-thermal technology allows electricity to be generated in a manageable way while also offering huge possibilities for cost reductions in the near future.

Cleanergy - Cleanergy Solar Stirling Unit

by CLEANERGY AB     based in Göteborg, SWEDEN

Stirling -Dish Systems are small power generation sets which generate electricity by using direct solar radiation. The capacity of a single unit is 11 kW electric power. The modularity of the Cleanergy solar stirling units qualify the Dish-Stirling system for very flexible applications. They are ideal for standalone or other decentralized ...

Concentrating Solar Power Plants

by CNIM - Constructions industrielles de la Méditerranée     based in Paris, FRANCE

CNIM has invested in the development of solar technology. The Group has designed and carried out the receptor of the Themis solar power plant in the Pyrenées Orientales (France), whose innovations, even today, provide a benchmark for this technology. Today, the awareness of the problem of CO2 emissions and the depletion of fossil energy ...

The Concentrated Solar Markets Report

by CSP Today - part of the FC Business Intelligence Ltd group     based in London, UNITED KINGDOM

The Global Concentrated Solar Power Industry Report is an invaluable asset for anyone in the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) industry and offers an impartial and in-depth assessment of CSP technology including essential cost and performance data on the four main CSP technologies: Parabolic Trough, Power Tower, Fresnel and Dish Stirling, industries ...

Concentrating Solar Thermal Power (CSP) Plants

by DESERTEC Foundation     based in Hamburg, GERMANY

CSP plants are key to the DESERTEC Concept because they are ideal for utilizing the solar potential of the world’s deserts and supplying electricity on demand. A reflector area of just 20 square meters in a solar-thermal power plant is enough to supply all the electricity one person needs (including electromobility) day and night with no ...

SCHOTT PTR - Model 70 - Receivers Designed for Maximum Profitability of the Power Plant

by SCHOTT AG / SCHOTT Solar CSP GmbH     based in Mainz, GERMANY

Best in class absorber coating with emittance ≤9.5% and absorptance ≥95.5%. The optical properties of the absorber coating are crucial for the performance of the collector field. SCHOTT Solar CSP has developed and patented an absorber coating with remarkable optical values and long-term thermal stability. In addition, this absorber coating ...

SCHOTT - Parabolic Trough Technology for Large-Scale Solar Power Generation

by SCHOTT AG / SCHOTT Solar CSP GmbH     based in Mainz, GERMANY

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology uses energy from the sun to generate heat, which is used in steam cycles to produce electricity. The technology is particularly efficient in regions with high direct solar irradiation, encompassing the earth’s sunbelt on both sides of the equator to 35 degrees latitude.

Grenzebach - Solarthermische Kraftwerke (CSP)

by Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH     based in Asbach-Bäumenheim/Hamlar, GERMANY

The CSP technology belongs to the group of concentrator technologies. The different variants (parabolic troughs, power tower, linear Fresnel) all use the same principle. They focus sunlight onto an absorber which transforms it into heat. The heat can either be used for generation of electrical power or process heat. Another option is the ...

DriTech - Dryer For Advanced Drying of Metallization Pastes

by Despatch Industries     based in Lakeville, MINNESOTA (USA)

A Revolutionary New Dryer for Advanced Drying of Metallization Pastes. The new Despatch DriTech Dryer introduces a unique hybrid heating technology for the next generation in metallization drying performance.

Concentrated Solar Power Parabolic Trough: Cost & Performance Report

by CSP Today - part of the FC Business Intelligence Ltd group     based in London, UNITED KINGDOM

The new report looks at how the development of larger than 50MW CSP plants in the US (from 100 to 280 MW) has revealed cost saving benefits. When increasing plant capacity, the relatively lower cost of components will contribute to a lower Levelized Energy Cost (LCOE).This is because suppliers will be able to provide better prices for components, ...

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