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Concrete Pipe

by Royal Environmental Systems, Inc.

Established in 1990, Royal Concrete Pipe, Inc. has served the Minneapolis / St. Paul greater metropolitan area, the State of Minnesota and adjoining states with quality pre-cast concrete products for the underground utility industry.

POLYCRETE - Polymer Concrete Sewer Pipes

by Meyer Rohr & Schacht GmbH

Corrosion resistance, high load bearing capacity and diffusion tightness are the main features of the polymer concrete sewer pipes. The pre-assembled GRP insert couplings ensure quick and easy installation of the 3 m long pipes. Like all other MEYER products these pipes are continuously improved and monitored for quality. They ensure reliable ...

Armtec - Reinforced Concrete Pipe

by Armtec

Armtec’s precast reinforced concrete pipe, box culverts and spans are used for transmitting stormwater and sanitary (waste) water. Concrete pipe is primarily used for gravity storm and sanitary sewers, and is available with bell and spigot connections and rubber gaskets for maximum water tightness. Pipes are made in standard diameters of 250 ...

L.B. Foster - Concrete Coating

by L.B. Foster Home

L.B. Foster applies concrete to pipelines to provide a negative buoyancy and prevent the pipe from floating in high water table terrain, such as swamp land. Pipe with a concrete coating is used offshore as well as on river crossings. The concrete also provides protection for the pipe as well as negative buoyancy.

THIXOCRETE - Steel-Reinforced Concrete Sewer Pipes


For pipeline building in open-trench installation Meyer Rohr + Schacht GmbH manufactures THIXOCRETE steel-reinforced concrete sewer pipes with diameters DN 2000 - DN 3600. Manufacture in standing steel moulds with vibratory compaction ensures excellent quality and the following product features: high structural density and water tightness of the ...

SUPERLIT - Model GRP - Pipes


SUPERLIT GRP Pipes are used in underground and above surface piping systems for the following purposes: Carrying and distributing drinking and untreated water. City rainwater infrastructure lines. Pressurized/unpressurized contaminated water and main discharge piping systems. Home and industry waste water systems piping lines. Cooling systems ...

Pipe Piling

by Skyline Steel

Deep foundations are required when the shallow soils are not strong enough to support the loads from the structure. Pipe piles are commonly used in deep foundations and transfer the loads from building to stronger soil layers found deep underground. The loads are resisted through skin friction and point bearing. Pipe can be driven either ...

Tylox SuperSeal - Pre-Lubricated Gaskets for Concrete Pipe and Manholes

by Hamilton Kent

The unique design of the Tylox SuperSeal gasket is bringing a cost-saving revolution to the field of concrete pipe and manhole gasketing and installation.

Tylox - Model SOCL Series - Gaskets for Single Offset Joints for Concrete Pipe and Manholes

by Hamilton Kent

Profile Gaskets for Round, Arch or Elliptical Pipe, and Manholes. The Tylox SOCL profile gasket builds upon the proven success of the Tylox SuperSeal™ gasket design to offer similar benefits at a more economical price. Fool-proof Installation. The correct orientation of the gasket on the spigot is assured by the utilization of the colored ...

Concrete Sumps

by Stetfield Separators Ltd.

Oily wastes and rainwater run-off streams at power stations, rail yards, maintenance depots, transport depots, industrial sites, waste treatment facilities, oil storage sites and onshore bilge and ballast treatment. In fact, any place where free oil contamination is a problem. The units may used as pre-treatment to further processes such as ...

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