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Berthold - Model LB 440 - Level measurement System

by Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co. KG     based in Bad Wildbad, GERMANY

The measurement system LB 440 is used to monitor the level of liquids or bulk materials continuously. The non-contacting and non-intrusive measurement can easily be installed on existing reactors, autoclaves, vessels and bunkers.

Model DR7000 - Radar Level Measurement

by AMETEK- Drexelbrook     based in Horsham, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The DR7000, an FMCW 26 GHz radar, offers state of the art design. The DR7000 is able to operate over a 2 GHz bandwidth: this ensures sharper resolution and higher accuracy. The higher signal dynamics of the DR7000 allow the accurate detection of even the smallest level changes. The DR7000 is a 2-wire device with easy navigation display and touch ...

Model Universal IV - RF Admittance Level Measurement

by AMETEK- Drexelbrook     based in Horsham, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The Universal IV Series is the fourth generation RF continuous system built on Drexelbrook’s 50 years of experience in level measurement. The product is backward compatible with the industry standard Universal III, Univeral Lite, Universal II and RCT Series and is the ideal solution for a wide array of applications. A few enhancements to the ...

Model NMrt Sound-Level Meter - NoiseMapper-RT

by Geonica SA     based in Madrid, SPAIN

The NoiseMapper-RT (Remote Terminal) equipment is a standalone operating remote terminal (sound-level meter), appropriate for both outdoor and indoor installation, designed by GEONICA for continuously measuring ambient noise.

Model USonic-R - Ultrasonic Level Measurement

by AMETEK- Drexelbrook     based in Horsham, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

A new family of Ultrasonic technology products offers a line powered version for non-contact level measurement of liquids and slurries for level, distance, volume and open channel flow. Patented SMART GAIN circuitry automatically ignores false echoes from internal tank obstructions and agitator blades without adjustment. Superior accuracy – ...

Online Stack Gas/CEM Systems

by P S Analytical Limited     based in Orpington, UNITED KINGDOM

The emission of mercury into the environment is now of global concern because of its high toxicity, bioaccumulation and long range atmospheric transport. It is estimated that over half the mercury emissions to the atmosphere are caused by anthropogenic activities. (Further information is available from the EPA website). The majority are caused by ...

Impress - Model LMP307 - Depth Pressure Sensor

by Isodaq Technology     based in Bromyard, UNITED KINGDOM

The submersible level transmitter LMP 307 has been designed for continuous fluid level measurement in water and clean to slightly contaminated media.  Due to the high-value piezoresistive stainless steel sensor the submersible probe LMP 307 features an excellent linearity and good long term stability. On the basis of the excellent ...

Impress - Model IML Series - Submersible Level Transmitter

by Isodaq Technology     based in Bromyard, UNITED KINGDOM

The IML Series submersible level transmitters are ideal for reliable and repeatable hydrostatic level measurement. The IMCL with ceramic sensor is aimed at standard submersible applications where accuracy, although important is not the main focus offering 0.25% accuracy with optional 0.1% and typically 10/11 bit resolution. Pressure ranges from ...

Level Radar BM 70M (Marine)

by Krohne Messtechnik Gmbh & Co. KG     based in Duisburg, GERMANY

BM 70 M is a liquid-level gauge designed to operate in extremely arduous conditions on ships. Measurement of liquids, pastes, oils and slurries contained in tanks is continuous and completely non-contacting. FMCW-unit and signal converter form one compact unit.

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