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Diamond Cutting - Cathode Ray Tubes Recycling

by MRT System International AB

The CRT Separator using the diamond cutting technology is a high capacity disassembling system for Cathode Ray Tubes. Like any other product in the MRT portfolio, the CRT Separator operates very safely, efficiently and in accordance with the strictest environmental regulations. The system is an automatic, reliable and cost effective solution with ...

Hot Band Technology - Cathode Ray Tubes Recycling

by MRT System International AB

The MRT CRT Separator using Hot Band is a thermal forced disassembly system for Cathode Ray Tubes. The equipment is used for processing clean, intact Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) of various types and sizes which are free from covers, electronics and stickers. The Hot Band Technology has excellent heat transfer on the tube thereby achieving an accurate ...

Model SST-mAX - X-ray Tubes

by PANalytical

The SST-mAX incorporates PANalytical's groundbreaking ZETA Technology. This provides exceptional system performance by eliminating classical tungsten cathode evaporation, the major contributor to instrument drift. Conventional X-ray tubes suffer tungsten evaporation from the cathode filament, causing deposits on the inside of the tube's beryllium ...

Model SST-mAX50 - X-ray Tubes

by PANalytical

The SST-mAX50 is the most advanced XRF tube in the world. Its novel features are a 50 µm beryllium window in combination with PANalytical’s revolutionary CHI-BLUE coating. The ultrathin window gives unprecedented light-element performance, and the CHI-BLUE coating provides effective corrosion resistance and long-term vacuum tightness ...

ATN - Television Recycling Plant

by ATN Engineering

End of life televisions have to be recycled. The C(athode) R(ay) T(ube) has to be separated in a front and a rear part. In order to do that the housing of the TV has to be removed. This has to be done manually. During the years a lot of dust is gathered in the TV. This dust is harmful when inhaled. Therefore it is necessary that the housing is ...

ATN - Television Recycling

by ATN Engineering

End of life televisions have to be recycled. Regardless whether it is an old fashion C(athode) R(ay) T(ube) or a modern flat screen LCD/PLASMA/TFT or LED.In both cases the actual monitor has to be taken out of the housing and the different materials where the monitor exists of have to be taken apart.Recycling CRT TV's and MonitorsIn the CRT is ...

Wisman - Model XFN - 65KV Negative X-ray tube high voltage power supply

by Wisman High Voltage Power Supply Co.,Ltd.

The XFN Series is designed to power floating filament X-ray tubes from various manufacturers. It features a 0 to50kV (or 0 to 65kV) high voltage output, and up to 2mA of emission current limited to 50, 65 or 75 Watts, operating from a +24Vdc input. The XFN utilizes a closed loop fila-mentr y beam control circuit to provide a highlyregulated beam ...

Richland - Custom Glass Tube Stems

by Richland Glass Company

Richland manufactures glass stems to the most demanding quality standards. Using combinations of the latest automated technology and master craftsmanship Richland Glass supplies customers with a wide variety of custom glass stems. We can accommodate your requirements, from prototype to production quantities. Each stem is visually inspected using a ...

Wisman - Model XRN - 50KV X-ray spectrometry high voltage power supply

by Wisman High Voltage Power Supply Co.,Ltd.

The XRN Series is the result of wisman’s exceptional high voltage packaging and surface mount fabrication techniques, coupled with its proprietary encapsulation technology producing this ultra compact-sized OEM 50Watt X-ray generator module.The XRN Series is designed to power grounded cathode X-ray tubes from a variety of well known manufacturers. ...

REDWAVE - Model XRF-E - Sorting Machine Capable of Recognising Material and Element

by REDWAVE systems, a trademark of BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH

The REDWAVE XRF-E analyses and evaluates materials according to chemical composition. Unwanted parts are reliably detected and separated. In contrast to other technologies, moisture, colour and surface impurities have no negative effect on the detection ability. This technology can be used in sorting processes to recognise an accumulation of ...

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