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HSM PET - 1049 SA - PET/UBC Crusher Systems

by HSM GmbH Co. KG

An efficient system for the volume reduction of PET bottles and cans down to 1/3 or 1/4 of the original. Systems can be used as a standalone solution or in combination with deposit return machines. Crusher rollers are made of specially hardened and ground steel - completely impervious and sturdy - for a long service life. A scraper system removes ...

Metso EtaAnodeCrush - Anode Crusher

by Metso‘s Recycling Equipment and Services

Hydraulically operated the anode crusher is designed for the effective crushing of anode butts from the aluminum electrolysis, or for whole baked or green waste anodes for re-use of the material in the anode coal mills. With the Metso EtaAnodeCrush wear and tear of crushing tools and crusher zone lining are cut down to the barest minimum, as ...

DC5500 - Drum Crusher

by Harmony Enterprises, Inc.

The DC5500 is designed to reduce the volume of all types of steel and aluminum drums up to 55 gallon capacity. The machine is robustly constructed and all sides are fully enclosed to meet health and safety standards. The compaction head, which runs on heavy duty roller guides, is fitted with strategically placed spikes which, when the machine is ...

Metso EtaCrush - ZM/ZMF - Metal Crusher

by Metso‘s Recycling Equipment and Services

Our sturdy metal crushers in the Metso EtaCrush ZM/ZMF series have a successful track record in the selective precrushing and recrushing of scrap metal. The Metso EtaCrush ZM/ZMF crushes different types of metal scrap inexpensively and effectively into small, space-saving metal pieces.

RAM FLAT - 55E - Drum Crushers

by S&G Enterprises, Inc.

Crush up to 10,000 drums per year. At 60,000 pounds of crushing force, the medium to heavy duty Model 55E can crush a steel drum down to a height of 4.5 inches tall.  It includes many of the same features of our top of the line Model 55A (including the identical hydraulic system) but is priced for the medium volume user. Simple pushbutton ...

Metso EtaCrush - ZB - Turnings Crusher

by Metso‘s Recycling Equipment and Services

The turnings crushers of the Metso EtaCrush series use highly wear-resistant, freely suspended crushing tools instead of rigid blades that become blunt over time. Due to the high rotor speed, the turnings are crushed and discharged through the grid openings at the bottom of the unit. Changing the grid openings allows production of specific chip ...

RAM FLAT - 55SC - Drum Crushers

by S&G Enterprises, Inc.

For low-volume drum crushing. When you are looking to crush a few dozen drums a month, look no further than the Model 55SC. At 40,000 pounds, this powerful machine will crush a drum flat to 6.5 inches tall. Yet, it is still economically priced. The Model 55SC is available in a “standard” electrical version as well as two ...

RAM FLAT - 55A - Drum Crushers

by S&G Enterprises, Inc.

Continuous heavy-duty 55-gallon drum crushing. When your operation requires the best possible volume reduction with no down-time, the Model 55A is the drum crusher for you. This unit is designed for 24/7 operation and is capable of crushing 200, 300 or even 500 drums per day.

Vibrocone - Cone Crusher

by Sandvik Mining

From the outside, Vibrocone looks almost like a conventional cone crusher and under its hood it still has a crushing chamber with a mantle and a concave/bowl liner. But while the movement of the mantle in a conventional cone crusher is always given, Vibrocone allows it to swing unrestrained inside the crushing chamber. The main shaft is supported ...

RAM FLAT - 55AR & 85AR - Drum Compactors and Crushers

by S&G Enterprises, Inc.

Built for continuous duty & demanding applications using 55 or 85 gallon drums. Does your application require you to compact thousands of drums of waste per year of waste? Does your operation require heavy-duty construction with minimal downtime? Do you demand the best volume reduction possible? Then the 55AR is the compactor for you.

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