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SAJ - Model Logger - Monitoring System

by Guangzhou Sanjing Electric Co.,Ltd     based in Guangdong, CHINA

SAJ Solar Logger is a practical monitoring server to supervise many SAJ solar inverters, meters and environmental inspectors. It integrates the imx287 smart processor with a frequency of 400M Hz and provide a stable data collection like a black box. It is popularly used in systems of many inverters due to its large memory  to records the ...

LI-1400 DataLogger

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.     based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA)

Each channel can be custom-configured to collect data for logging periods ranging from 1 second to 24 hours. Sampling intervals range from 1 second to 1 hour. Data for each logging period may be averaged or integrated, and minimum and maximum readings can be stored. At the end of each period, an instantaneous point reading can be taken. Nine math ...

iQuest - Model iRIS 150 - Compact Multi-Parameter Datalogger

by iQuest (NZ) Ltd.     based in Hamilton, NEW ZEALAND

The iRIS 150 has been designed and constructed for portable, outdoor use. It is distinguished by being waterproof, self-powered and compact whilst still featuring an LCD display and keypad. It can be connected to a wide variety of sensors, and features two analogue (0-5V, 0-20mA) inputs, two digital inputs, SDI-12 serial instrument support and a ...

REDi - Escort Data Logging Systems For Mobile Unit

by Digitron Instrumentation Ltd     based in Devon, UNITED KINGDOM

REDi is a portable handheld device for use with Escort dataloggers that lets the user download multiple loggers simultaneously and receive information from up to 70 meters away.

CPT Loggers

by Environmental Mechanics AB     based in Alingsås, SWEDEN

Our new generation loggers were launched during late 2009 to early 2010. We offer several types of loggers for different use varying from CPT to well drilling. Our loggers are used in conjunction with our Java based application software. The systems have automatic self-control and detect e.g. missing CAN sensors and report them in real time to ...

Model i-Log-GW - GPRS Water Level Datalogger

by GeoPrecision GmbH     based in Ettlingen, GERMANY

The i-Log-GW is designed for the reliable monitoring and storage of water level and temperature for the water management. The ground water level datalogger permit therefor a worldwide online data access via internet. No use of special equipment or software is herfore required.

Synapsys - Model SIPe M-Log - Meter Logger

by Synapsys Solutions Ltd     based in Burgess Hill, UNITED KINGDOM

Before you can control and reduce your energy consumption you need to understand it… Cost effective monitoring and targeting solution. No software licenses. Unlimited users. No maintenance fees. Easy access to data onsite. Built in web pages for easy configuration. Easy to set up data downloads and scheduled reporting. Compatibility and ...

Button Loggers and USB loggers

by Meaco Measurement and Control     based in Newcastle, UNITED KINGDOM

For anyone needing to monitor discreetly then the miniature button loggers are an ideal solution. Smaller then a twenty pence piece - the loggers can be hidden inside displays, packages in fact anywhere that size matters. The loggers connect to your PC via a Serial or USB cable and you even have a choice of software! The ‘Lite’ edition ...

Testo - 176 T1 Datalogger

by Testo Limited     based in Alton, UNITED KINGDOM

The testo 176 T1 offers protection from adverse conditions due to its robust metal housing. A highly accurate Pt100 sensor in the interior measures the temperature. The testo 176 T1 is, for example, excellently suitable for the recording of temperature data over long periods in refrigerated and deep-feeze rooms. The metal housing is resistant to ...

Delta-T - Model GP1 - General Purpose Data Logger

by Delta-T Devices Ltd     based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM

The GP1 Data Logger is a complete logging solution housed in an IP67 enclosure with battery power. The internal memory can hold >600,000 readings - more than enough for one year's operation (typical). The optional GP-PBA-X50 Precision Bridge Adapter enables a GP1 to log up to 2 bridge sensors such as pressure transducers and strain gauges and ...

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