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STM-Aerotor - Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) System

by WesTech Engineering, Inc.     based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA)

The STM-Aerotor™ Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) System uses Integrated Fixed Film and Activated Sludge (IFAS) technology as part of a process that provides biological nutrient removal for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.


by U&D Environmental Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd     based in Guangzhou, CHINA

Specification :DISC-UD270.1. Membrane: EPDM 3/4'.2. Diameter: 270mm(Standard 10')3.Aerator surface area: 0.0531 m24.Bubble diameter:0.8-1.9mm5.Membrane service life: >5 years6.Standard aeration rate: 4 m3/h7.Aeration scope: 1~8 m3/h 8.Standard oxygen transfer efficiency: ≥38% (6m water depth)9.Working area: 0.2~1.0 ...


by U&D Environmental Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd     based in Guangzhou, CHINA

Specification :DISC-UD3001.Membrane: EPDM 3/4'.2. Diameter: 300mm(Standard 12') 3.Aerator surface area: 0.0615 m24.Bubble diameter:0.8-1.9mm5.Membrane service life: >5 years6.Standard aeration rate: 6 m3/h7.Aeration scope: 1~12 m3/h 8.Standard oxygen transfer efficiency: ≥38% (6m water depth)9.Working area: 0.3~1.5 ...

Gandy - Turf Aerators

by General Implement Distributors     based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA)

Gaudy offers aerators with cither 3 4' coring spoons or with slicing knives, and in a choice of 34',4. 5.6&8-ft. widths. Independent action of the dual-wheel coring sections or arms is common to all of the models. The larger models feature spoons or knives on paired disks rotating independently, each pair having its own grease lilting to ...

Disc Membrane Aerator

by U&D Environmental Equipment Technology Inc     based in Guangzhou, CHINA

Membrane: EPDM 3/4'. Diameter: 270mm(Standard 10'). Aerator surface area: 0.0531 m2. Bubble diameter:0.8-1.9mm. Membrane service life: Above 5 years. Standard aeration rate: 4 m3/h. Aeration scope: 1-8 m3/h. Standard oxygen transfer efficiency: ≥38% (6m water depth). Working area: 0.2-1.0 m2/pcs

EUROPELEC - Model DISC AIR - Medium Bubble Air Diffuser

by EUROPELEC     based in Paris, FRANCE

The EUROPELEC DISC’AIR medium bubble air diffuser has a simple design. It is made of high-performance materials that offer full resistance to corrosion. Its main uses are : treatment of greases ;the aeration of retention basins.

Disc Rotor Oxidation Ditches

by Envirodyne Systems Inc.     based in Camp Hil, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

In Oxidation Ditches of any geometry, Envirodyne aerators provide outstanding oxygen transfer and mixing. Our Conventional Loop Reactors offer unsurpassed reliability, simplicity and economy. Effluent of the finest quality is achieved without the high capital and operating costs of more complex technologies. Horizontal and vertical ditch designs ...

Fine Bubble Membrane Disc Aeration System

by Gasvoda & Associates, Inc. (GAI)     based in Calumet City, ILLINOIS (USA)

The Aquarius fine pore aeration system has been developed by our team of engineers with an unparalleled background of experience in the design, application and operation of wastewater treatment aeration systems.  This experience comes with the knowledge that a high performance diffuser requires an equally well engineered piping system to ...

Aeration System

by PVS     based in Vienna, AUSTRIA

The efficiency of wastewater aeration within the activation reactors of wastewater treatment plants depends on the following factors: Tank geometry, Water depth, Mixing, Activated sludge concentration, Oxygen transfer under specific operating conditions. In practical terms, this means that not every blower provides the same oxygen amount to every ...

Nafad - Fine Bubble Dilfusers

by Sanitherm, a Division of Peak Energy Services     based in Coquitlam, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

Fine bubble dilfusers are mostly used in water re-oxygenation and biological wastewater treatment systems. Particularly, the membrane type tine bubble diffusers are popular because of their low maintenance, non-clogging, and high oxygen transfer efficiency. The fine bubble membranes are slit (1-2 mm) with pattern in order to maximize their ...

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