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Toring Turbine - Self-Aspirating Aerator System

by Toring Turbine d.o.o.

The Toring self-aspirating aerator was introduced into the world market by following nearly ten years of research and development in Europa. Already, it is the subject of physics forums in which professionals and laymen alike are trying to understand how it performs its amazing feat of aeration.

Disc Membrane Aerator

by U&D Environmental Equipment Technology Inc

Membrane: EPDM 3/4'. Diameter: 270mm(Standard 10'). Aerator surface area: 0.0531 m2. Bubble diameter:0.8-1.9mm. Membrane service life: Above 5 years. Standard aeration rate: 4 m3/h. Aeration scope: 1-8 m3/h. Standard oxygen transfer efficiency: ≥38% (6m water depth). Working area: 0.2-1.0 m2/pcs

Disk Aerator

by Guangzhou U&D Environmental Equipment and Technology Co.LTD

U&D membrane micropore aerator can solve these problems with these distinct its advantages:• Reduces energy costs by up to 75% • Lack of moving parts provides a very low maintenance alternative • Maintains higher dissolved oxygen (DO) levels • Allows for higher stocking densities • Allows for higher feeding rates • Allows for more frequent ...

Disc Aerator

by IFO Vattenrening, AB

The rubber membrane in IFO´s aerators is fitted with a large number of very small slits. Under working pressure, the rubber membrane expands thereby opening the slits and allowing the air quantity necessary for effective oxygenation to pass through. The smaller the holes the smaller the air bubbles and the better the oxygenationcapacity. ...

Whirlwind Aerators

by SkimOil Inc.

If your wastewater contains fats, oils or floatable solids, the WHIRLWIND induced air flotation unit may provide the solution for their removal. Separating these materials from the liquid will increase treatment plant efficiency and help separate the oils from the water by aiding in their flotation. When you have limited dwell time for oils to ...


by U&D Environmental Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd

Specification :DISC-UD270.1. Membrane: EPDM 3/4'.2. Diameter: 270mm(Standard 10')3.Aerator surface area: 0.0531 m24.Bubble diameter:0.8-1.9mm5.Membrane service life: >5 years6.Standard aeration rate: 4 m3/h7.Aeration scope: 1~8 m3/h 8.Standard oxygen transfer efficiency: ≥38% (6m water depth)9.Working area: 0.2~1.0 ...


by U&D Environmental Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd

Specification :DISC-UD3001.Membrane: EPDM 3/4'.2. Diameter: 300mm(Standard 12') 3.Aerator surface area: 0.0615 m24.Bubble diameter:0.8-1.9mm5.Membrane service life: >5 years6.Standard aeration rate: 6 m3/h7.Aeration scope: 1~12 m3/h 8.Standard oxygen transfer efficiency: ≥38% (6m water depth)9.Working area: 0.3~1.5 ...

Toring Turbine - Wastewater Aeration and Treatment Systems

by Toring Turbine d.o.o.

All Wastewater Aeration / Treatment systems have one thing in common…they need oxygen, and LOTS of it. The good news is that there has been a breakthrough in aeration technology resulting in an affordable, highly effective aerator. The name is Toring TT200, and it holds the promise of being the most efficient aerator on the market.

JetFlex - Diffuser Assemblies and Replacement Membranes

by Gummi-Jaeger Aeration LLC

The JetFlex diffuser assemblies and replacement membranes are perhaps the world’s most advanced fine-bubble diffuser membranes for aerator wastewater systems and water treatment. The JetFlex diffuser tube and diffuser disc combine the highest oxygen-transfer efficiency and low energy usage. They’re engineered and manufactured by ...

Aeration System

by PVS

The efficiency of wastewater aeration within the activation reactors of wastewater treatment plants depends on the following factors: Tank geometry, Water depth, Mixing, Activated sludge concentration, Oxygen transfer under specific operating conditions. In practical terms, this means that not every blower provides the same oxygen amount to every ...

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