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Halobenzoquinone Standards (disinfectant by-products)

by AccuStandard, Inc     based in New Haven, CONNECTICUT (USA)

 Halobenzoquinones (HBQs) are disinfectant by-products formed by reactions between disinfectants and organic matter in water. HBQs likely exhibit carcinogenic properties due to their structural similarities with benzoquinone and related compounds.

Fluid Dynamics - Model Tripleguard-CD - Water Improvements & Purification System

by Fluid Dynamics International Ltd     based in Maidenhead, UNITED KINGDOM

New! From Fluid Dynamics is the Tripleguard-cd small commercial and domestic range of water improvements and purification products. With application ranging from schools, hospitals, universities, laboratories and private homes the new Tripleguard-cd range of water filters, purifiers and scale inhibition system give a single but total treatment ...

Fluid Dynamics - Model Tripleguard-I - Protection of Water Systems

by Fluid Dynamics International Ltd     based in Maidenhead, UNITED KINGDOM

The protection of water systems from bacteria such as legionella is becoming essential. Traditionally this meant the pumping of chemicals into a pipework system or keeping temperatures of water so high that use of the water gives rise to the danger of scalding.

UV Disinfection for Packaging Materials, Foodstuffs Surfaces

by Lenntech Water Treatment     based in Delft, NETHERLANDS

When exposed to sunlight, germs are killed and bacteria and fungi are prevented from spreading. This natural disinfection process can be utilised most effectively by applying UV radiation in a controlled way. Packaging materials can be efficiently and easily disinfected using UV-C radiation. Likewise, the shelf life of several foodstuffs is ...

PWTech - Treatment Shaft for Combined Sewer Overflows Control Systems

by Process Wastewater Technologies LLC     based in Rosedale, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

Process Wastewater Technologies and Applied Engineering Technologies (AET) have partnered together to develop a fully-automated, patented* vertical treatment shaft process for CSO control systems. The technology provides proper disinfection contact time, vessel flushing, air venting, odor control, surge control, skimming, and settling in a ...

PWTech - Model SanSep™ - Primary Water Treatment System for Wet-weather Excess Sanitary Flows

by Process Wastewater Technologies LLC     based in Rosedale, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

The SanSep provides a much more efficient level of solids removal than other mechanical and static screening devices that are typically used in wet weather excess sanitary flow treatment. Utilizing patented PWTech™ technology, the SanSep allows screening of the solids without blocking. It greatly reduces the impact of excess wet weather ...

SnowPure - Model UV - Ultraviolet System

by SnowPure Water Technologies     based in San Clemente, CALIFORNIA (USA)

SnowPure provides a unique UV water treatment system that is the new standard for Microbial Disinfection, TOC Reduction (Total Organic Carbon) and Chlorine Removal. This patented product line utilizes a highly-reflective UV treatment chamber that maximizes the use of the ultraviolet light emitted, and saves 80-90% of the power required. UV ...

OxyTab - Disinfectant for industries

by GlobalEx     based in REPUBBLICA DI SAN MARINO, ITALY

Oxytab can be used as biocide in many industrial water treatment applications including cooling , process water and mill water. Its selective oxidative properties usually results in lower dosages while also achieving improved microbial performance. Oxytab controls odor in two ways: by controlling microorganisms that form odor causing hydrogen ...

Scotmas - Model Hysan - Powerful Disinfectant & Sanitiser

by Scotmas Group     based in Kelso, Borders, UNITED KINGDOM

A no added alcohol hand sanitiser gel containing a skin softener. This water based product is a fast drying hand sanitiser for use in food prep areas, shops, cafes and schools. Hysan Gel removes the need for frequent trips to the wash-room when hand sanitation is required. Hysan can be used as a disinfecant and sanitiser in all industries. Where ...

Model NCM Series Chamber Type - Medium Pressure UV Disinfection System

by Neotec UV     based in Torrance, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Suitable for large size treatment with small number of powerful medium pressure UV lampsCut down the production cost by localization of medium pressure UV lamps first in domestic market Irradiating stronger and wider spectral range of UV than conventionally used low pressure UV lampsPerformance independent of fluid temperature changeLow ...

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